what we know:

No one is completely sure as yet how the Virus entered into Australia but it was commonly accepted by the media in the initial stages of outbreak that is was most likely a small number of Indonesian refugees who arrived in a small vessel that was found 20 kilometres east of Darwin. After outbreak all air travel was suspended in the hopes of limiting the spread of infection to other states and cities, too late of course, as most Territorians found other ways of fleeing the area, taking the Virus with them.

We have reports of a number of survivors in the area and Singleton Power Station has been brought back online providing power to NSW. We'll post more data as we get it.

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registered survivors - east australia

mt druitt, nsw
East Australia

i am living with the smell and the moans of the dead right outside my building,i live on the third floor of my apartment building,i have managed to get the first floor completely blocked off,i have also extended a ladder to the shops across the alleyway s...

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