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registered survivors - west europe

Mol, Belgium
West Europe

I'm at home and preparing to travel to my girlfriend. I'm armed with two handguns and two small caliber rifles. Ammo is low but I plan to make a stop at the local police station

London, England
West Europe

With the London CDC compound showing no help, I'm now heading towred Germany

Rooskey, Roscommon
West Europe

Living in a barricaded house, with homemade generator made from a bicycle and a lot of wires and a small vegetable garden outside. Usually get out through the skylight, but only when needed. 5 other survivors here, Shane, Shannen, Siobhan, Matt and Justin...

Lancaster, Lancashire
West Europe

Staying alive, just. Living near Lancaster with my Staffie, Glory, and a handful of other survivors. Keeping cool and calm, only leaving the barricaded house when it's absolutely necessary. Keeping the dead under a reasonable amount of control.

Mullingar, Westmeath
West Europe

Harry and Tom are dead. Lots of zombies somewhere nearby. Fortified manor.

killyleagh, ulster
West Europe

I am currently residing in the basement of my late father's home. He was a nuclear war fanatic; got us all prepared for that scenario. The basement is stocked with food, blankets, and I managed to sneak up long enough to gather some personal possessions a...

Sheffield, Derbyshire
West Europe

I should probably start off by saying that me and my particular group of friends have always been seen as a little...peculiar. We've been planning for this for a long time. But it was only a joke. Granted, a joke we took seriously. We live in a good ...

Castle, Northumberland
West Europe

I'am in a castle on the Northeast coast of the UK.

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