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New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

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This song seems to be appropriate right about now

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Militarys choice

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The President Addresses the Nation

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Radio transmission

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We've heard this transmission bouncing around. We're trying to decide if we should try to help. Dunno. Sound like a trap to you guys out there? I have my suspicions, but at the same time don't want to just leave them sitting out there.

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!Weekly Thoughts by !Joe

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Results of the cold experiment, plus some thoughts based on what others have been reporting in.

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Satellite Phone Conversation, Joe and Sofie

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Jesus Christ, just... she needs to be okay, right?

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Me and a guy in Antarctica - HamRadio1

2:08 minutes (1.26 MB)

This is a clip from a couple weeks ago - I haven't been able to reach this guy again. I hope they're okay down there.

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