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Are you there?

I don’t know how you accessed this page, but if you’re reading this, you are one of us– you survived. This page is not a remnant from the world we used to know. It's not a lifeless reflection of a world that hasn’t existed in months. It is a current site, built over the last several weeks and updated daily, and it’s sole purpose is to record the name, location and current status of each and every survivor we can find.

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OOG – Last Days: Ante Diem

here's a 15-minute animated short we made recently that precedes by a decade or two the events leading up to the end of the world. enjoy!

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I just figured out how to make it possible for users to create groups. This might make it easier for everybody to stay in closer touch with people that they know are in their area or have similar needs.

Click here - or just click on the 'Group' button under 'Create content' to the right any time - to create a group.

Stay well,

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CDC tapes

here is the first chunk of video logs we received from somebody in DC several months ago. the format they sent it in was strange and even though we could watch the tapes, we weren't able to convert them into something we knew how to upload until very recently.

just fyi, we doubt anybody made it from here. we'll post the rest as soon as we are able.


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1) I just registered, but I can't log in. WTF?

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