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No food.

I've been without food all yesterday. Last night I had my last meal, and it wasn't exactly "abundant" niether.
Food ran out faster than expected. No idea what to do now.

There's a couple of things I can do, and my options are:
I have DEATHWISHES a butcher shop right in the corner. Exactly three houses, counting the butcher shop itself, in the same side of the street. The next option is the grocery store, just arround the corner, seven-ten houses away, also in the same side. And the farest away, the supermarket, a block away, in the other direction.

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Hello again, survivors.

I have expended the last few days, as I told you in my last post, researching. About this thing that's happening to us who are still alive. The apocalypse, the end of civilization, however you want to call it.

I've found a lot of information regarding the past, present and possible future of South America. It's all there on the internet. It's just really hard to find because of the censorship, you get scraps of information here and there.

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Useful info

Guys, I've been expending my time, believe ir or not, researching about this event, and playing stupid zombies videogames and reading zombie comics. Why to waste my time like that? Because playing videogames will only make me feel like it's not real when I come out. I know, doesn't sound too credible, but it's just because I'm saying it plain simple.

Still, my research has come up with a lot of material. Seems like gobernments have some way censored mostly all webs discussing the topic of the catastrophe, and still do. That tells me two things:

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I'll continue to tell you about my desperate situation. Please fell free to tell me ANYTHING.

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Last living person?

I'll call myself baseballfuries08. You can do the same.

I may be the last living person in this medium-sized universitary city, La Plata, Argentina. And as far as this web page tells me, I may be the last living person in South America.

[img_assist|nid=525|title=La Plata|desc=Central park of La Plata city, with the cathedral.|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=67]

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