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Entry 11-26-11

Been a rough couple of weeks. Knowing your all out there helps to keep going, and fighting to live.

I've moved my base. While the old prison was mojor security, there were other factors. There is a huge "strip mall" I guess you could call it, out by the river. Big stores... Target, Best Buy, sporting good store.. and a bunch of other places. About half a mile away is a Home Depot.. and an Ikea of all things.

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Entry 1 - 11/11

You'd think an artist/poet would come up with some kewl name for this. But, you'd be wrong. I'm too tired for that crap right now.

I knew there were other survivors. Falling into that pit of "I'm the only one" is the biggest step towards opting out. Portland is a hilly city, and my chosen perch is the old prison on top of Rocky Butte. Built out of huge rocks back at the end of the 1800's it is a formidable fortress now. The yard will make good crop space.

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