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Im doing great, i really am. I have now an m4, EO tech sites. I have about 300 rounds for it... also i have a glock with tac lights. With about 200 rounds hollow points. I geuss finding a dead soilder can help. I didnt leave him there... he helped me so i baried him on top of the Hill. I put his helemt on him and left him his secondary weapon in his hand with a full mag. I couldnt barry him with no weapon, he would need it for his next journy. Im in a watch out tower next to the michigan lake. ITs made out of cament and is like a bunker. Nice big steal door, one of thoes pear lookout things.

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Its my b-day today

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Alone, very very alone. I lost both my freinds today...... I got away but I don't no for sure what to do.....I feel as If it is my fault..... Can someone help..I kneed somewere to go. If you need a hand or can use another person. Comment my blog and let me know how to find you. Or you can find me... I have little ammo to my 1911 and I'm away from the lake... HELP!!!!!

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I had to ditch the glock, ran out of ammo for it. I know have a 1911 i found it in the basment of the house i was in. It pretty good. its a 45. so i think its a little over power but its a gun. IT leaves me down to the 1911, my hunting knife, and small folding knife. We are really really low on food. Water is again just find.

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Met a new survivour..... his name is darren. We are shelterd in a small house next to a lake. Hopeing soon help will come. Keep us posted.

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