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I don't know how to feel right now trapped in this room. It feels like it's closing in and the funny part is am not scared of closed spaces. It's been days since I have seen anyone yet alone the sun or the moon. How am i suppose to feel when everyone I have known so far is gone? Seen then get left behind or turned or worse killed by another human for some food. How am I the only one in this room right now? The screams of people outside asking for help makes it worth saving them but not messing up the room i have since no one knows am here. If anyone reads this whats the word on the outside?

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Can't seem to believe the mess I just got out of. That whole thing was just unbearable to be around. So about a 2 weeks ago I saw some people walking around. Saw that they where in trouble. Dam thoughts got me into trouble once again, but this time in the time of the dead. I remembered that I had a couple of Molotov cocktail and just refilled my zippo. So there I was on top of a roof and I through one about 10 feet in front of them and told them that it would slow them down for a bit. The hoard looked like it wasn't gonna stop for nothing. So I did the one thing I didn't want to do.

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The rain wasn't as bad as it was the day before. I manage to leave that dreadful place and get back to the place i need to be home home. thought if i came here the memories wouldn't be as bad and I needed to see what as become once where i grow up. It looks like a bloodshed battle was here. Haha. Who am i really fooling of course there was one here days ago. The day I had to forget everything I knew that was civil. The dam moments of life where it was die or kill to live. Watched them all die in front of my eyes.

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So for the past 2 days now i have been held up in the same place. I moved from the safe house to get back to the place i actually call home. I don't know what actually processed them to horde up and walk towards me. It was odd, for this hasn't happened so far till 2 days ago. I guess that noise i heard behind my the day before got them to head that way. Someone over there is creating a lot of heat so, I don't know if I should head that way to see or just head to so call home. This whole trip is kind of a waste since I had to leave things since I say them.

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So am stuck in this dark and crappy room for the night. I could hear them all out there with the moans and fingers scratching at the building. Today was one of those days. You know fighting to stay alive days. I found some food in a house somewhere but, it was only canned goods. Oh, well i guess that's better then nothing. Ran into some drifters and traded somethings so now i have some bread, cookies, soda, and some new cloths. The food i traded was maybe not worth what i got but they where nice since i had to save them one of those infected.

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