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Is there no one out there??????????????? I am starting to think that I am alone in the word. No posting did they all get taken over? I hope not or maybe it is time that I just give up and join the land of the dead like the rest of the world. Like I could just do that. The fighter in me would never let me just give up and die like that. Hunting today wish me luck.

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Gone .Gone

I sit here all cried out. My family is gone everyone no clue were they are or if they are even alive. Looks like the place has been looted. TV bused out the family pics torn up and just.. OMG I am what can I say just how bad this is. But like others before me I will survive this if nothing else I will live on and kill. Never saw myself as a killer before but seems all I do now. Run.. hide.. kill when I have to and that seems like so much of my time now days. I am going to scout a few places here in town see what I can pick up and use. Then?

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Short Days, Long nights

Another day sitting around reading the same stuff as last week. I really miss books and getting to the library here on campus is not an easy thing. Dead every were Looking outside it is raining mixed with sleet no way going out today not in that crap. Just my luck I would fall on my ass while running. Good thing I have enough supply's for a few weeks not seen a living human in weeks. I am lone here and damn it I am tired. Just about ready to take off and look for others in this town. But what if I am all that is left?

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