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After another 12 hours passed it was apparent no living survivors would return to the area. It was going to be difficult for Pappa to operate without assistance so he knew it was only a matter of time before he would either "bunker" in place or egress away from it.

more time passed before he felt that the wall where closing in on him.

Going topside of the train and working on the UAV to get ready to launch. This would be the best way to gather intelligence without disturbing the dead into activity or a frenzy.

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95 tonnes of steel

95 tonnes of steel slowly screeched to a halt as it approached the still smoldering civilian base that was called “Iron horse”. It was like a ghost town but without the ghost as the train engine had slowed down to less than a fast walking pace, even for the dead.

But that was the strange thing... no dead, no living.

Just the remains of the day that were still falling from the shy. Ash was primarily all that was left. So this wasn’t the best place to be either dead nor the living Pappa Doc thought to himself.

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pretty interesting tool

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Time well needed

Pappa's hands were cold as he touched the rail of the main engine of the prime mover. His surrounding were cold, white and calm.

He played his favorite game called "dragon" as he did as a child by breathing hot air in the the cold and watching the various patterns. Well that lasted about 2 minutes before it was old news.

Reaching for his thermos top filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows his thoughts turned once more to what he left behind.

His head hung low for a bit as he gave a prayer.

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Happy Holidays

Happy holiday's to you all.... and to all a good night.

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ooc Night all

my brother is still in the hospital and I got a breast augmentation in the morning to assist on. So play nice, *L.
I'll check messages sometime in the afternoon then after Halloween I'm back with OB/GYN and on morning shift in Century City.

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Welcome to your new home on the strip!

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Hospital post

posting tomorrow morning. So if you are interest in doing a joint post then email me tonight.

thanks everyone

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I copied your last message.

Can you tell me what type that you are requesting, and your current location, please


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