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That did not go well.

Over a year. I have been slowly working my way east, getting screwed over; then working my way back. I now have a shotgun, no more pistol, and alot more to keep me up at night. Plywood Pony?

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Plywood Pony is down

One word here is all I need


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two almost slept in that bed

I spent a week, setting up a safe place between where the gal was and Plywood pony, a week clearing out the undead in a nice 'secure zone' so we could travel a little easier, with my sword, hammers and shovels, anything I could melee with... and as I head out to the area where I thought I heard her; and all I hear is silence. I called out for a good hour, moving around so I didn’t attract a lot of those things into one area.

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Proof that someone somewhere loves me...

So, I broke my uplink; it’s taken me ages and ages to find all the crap i needed to jimmy-rig this new one... but I survived!

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Well, that went...

It didnt go well, my fault really. I made far too much noise in popping then shifting one of those metal blind things outta the way at the mall.

The Good: it was in the food court. i was able to keep myself decently fed in there, and since the freezer was dead as hell, i had a restroom.

The Bad: im down to 54 rounds of .22 rimfire LR. and 60 for the .270. And my ears are still ringing from the noise off my model 770... damn cannon that is.

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just a good idea for anyone out there, check back rooms of any store or bar/grill/whatever. alot of the time people grab whats right in front and leave stuff scattered in the back areas. youll never believe this, but i found a bag of doritoes. you know those $0.99 bags? pure artificially flavored bliss. good hunting, stay safe.

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So its been pretty active around me lately, apperantly these things like to prowl around rotting bodies. either they know that where there are dead bodies theres something that killed them, or they follow the whole "where theres one theres more" kinda logic. either way, scattering those dead bits around where i exit the lake seems to have been a very bad idea. had to pick off two of those infected things (can i call them zombies here or what?), then i had to collect and get rid of all the rotting bits and the two new corpses.

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Sun was out and shining brightly today, and i really needed to go and grab some more food from the surrounding area so i loaded up on ammo, put on my trusty pack and headed out the back way and through the waters of the lake. that way if they can smell living flesh, they cant track me back to my safe zone (for now). the waters are cold as hell but if it is helping (or isnt, i dont know yet) then its more than worth the wet boots and socks.

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still here

it went well, got about 6 cartons

6x10 packs x 20 per pack,

i think im set fo a while. safeway didnt have anything, but the mexican restaraunt nearby had plenty of huge cans of refried beans and a ton of other stuff, including flour so i can make fake-y tortillas or something. and oil, tons and tons of those 5 gallon things of frying oil. didnt run into a thing, maybe they really hate the rain and the cold? im not sure. all i know is it was quiet as hell. wich is good. i think...

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I thought I was alone

Well now that im not absolutely dumbfounded at there being other people with the same idea of the internet being a good place to find people, im very glad i took the time to check it out. Ive spent the last few days playing around with this thing trying to find a site that worked. After a "well f*n duh" moment i tagged what search engines i could find with todays date in the search bar... and i found people. Getting here was no easy task, but when it rains almost every single day you get good at playing with electronic junk.

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