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Short Days, Long nights

Another day sitting around reading the same stuff as last week. I really miss books and getting to the library here on campus is not an easy thing. Dead every were Looking outside it is raining mixed with sleet no way going out today not in that crap. Just my luck I would fall on my ass while running. Good thing I have enough supply's for a few weeks not seen a living human in weeks. I am lone here and damn it I am tired. Just about ready to take off and look for others in this town. But what if I am all that is left?

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status update.

It has been a hectic few days. Been collecting firewood, finding food (slim pickings out here), and trying to stay ahead of the zombies. Finished working on a stone hand axe, which broke after the first use, rebuilt it, broke again, rebuilt it swearing the entire time.

This morning it started snowing. I've got enough clothing to keep me warm, but I'm gonna assume many of the animals are gonna go into hibernation now if the already haven't, I just hope I don't stumble upon a sleeping bear or something out here or run out of food before I find my way out of these damn woods.

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Gunfight at the CO-OP market. Part 1

When i am writing this i have just woken up from being unconscious for almost an day, but truth be told i am almost surprised to see that i woke up at all. But i am getting ahead of myself, so i guess i should start from the beginning.

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Sho and a makeshift spear
Sitting in a tree
first comes the deer
then comes the spear
Then comes the twelve zombies devouring my dinner...

Damn it

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First snow..

It was just a matter of time, i guess. Yesterday the first snow of the year fell here in Enköping. Now i just know that this is gonna bring a lot of problem later on, but at the moment I think it is such an relief from all the rain and hail that has been going on for several weeks.

Now i am not sure how this will affect the undead, if they will freeze solid (like in "World War Z"), if they will freeze to death or if they will be unaffected but i guess we will see.

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Why hello there everyone! Its me, Ms. Sho, you've probably been wondering where I've been. That's a funny story. You see I don't know where I am. I got found by some of the raiders again. I guess they were planning on selling me. Any way, long story short I'm free now. They've been rundown by a herd. On a side note, I've got no weapons, almost no food, a quart of water, and I'm the middle of the FUCKING WOODS. Help would be nice. :) or not. Either way I'm gonna start to fashion my own weapons, a spear or something. Let you all know how its going soon enough.

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Not dead yet guys!

Davidson here! I'm sorry about my long absence but my laptop broke down, nothing dramatic like an fire, an shootout or anything like that it's fan just broke down and the resulting overheat melted a couple of things. At least, that's what it smelled like i am not an expert when it comes to technology so yeah..

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New Georgia pt3

New Georgia pt3

‘ meeting the principle “

Sam and I stood in the office looking at a desk shrouded in darkness. The room was lit by two lanterns shining on us but not the person talking to us.
A voice came from behind the desk. “ Ah the infamous Charlie Anderson !”
Sam glanced at me then back to the voice in the dark.
The voice was that of a young girl maybe 20 or even younger who knows.
“ What are you here for ?”

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looting/scouting run

i was out n about earlier today and stumbled across a national guard armory. its only a mile and a half from where im staying.gonna eat,get some sleep,then hit that armory tomorrow. OH I HOPE I FIND SOME CLAYMORES!!!!Im actually really excited about what i might find.Maybe a military vehicle thatd be nice maybe then i can leave this fucking ghost town.

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Eleven weeks of craziness.

A few miles into Ohio, after passing a few dozen graffiti signs depicting more and more violent messages, ranging from 'Dark Ranger territory' to several hung men hanging from a over pass.

So guess who got caught trying to siphon gas in 'Dark Ranger Poop Face territory.' This girl! Guess who got the shit kicked out of her, her jeep ransacked, five missing teeth, and a nice old shiner. This girl!

Eleven lovely weeks of being held captive by a bunch of neanderthals. *sigh*

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