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I hate Ohio....

... 11weeks... I've been gone ELEVEN FRIGGIN WEEKS!!.... *Sigh*

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im done for tonight

I've loosed a couple thousand rounds now its time for bed.just cuz civilization is dead doesn't mean we can't be civilized.-stolen-

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better late then never

I made it back to topeka a few weeks ago but had no way of contacting the outside in better shape and spirits now that i am back home and safe with a large supply of food water and weapons. My wounds from the tornado are finally healed but my shoulder still bothers me sometimes but its cool cuz i raided a pharmacy and have all the pain killers and antibiotics i could ever i just have to contend with the sheer boredom that comes with the collapse of society.maybe I'll travel?

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Happy 4th !!!!

Everybody have a good 4th of July !

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Well what now ?

I see the sight is quiet again. I am working pt 3 of New Georgia.
I have been busy looking for work and working on keeping the old house that my parents owned before they passed away.
So whats everyone else been up to ?

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We are rebuilding.....

My family and I made it out before it got too bad. We were able to regroup with more of my family at a country house back in the woods. More of my extended family has been showing up every week, we have grown to over 20 people now. Our supplies are good and we have plenty of water and food for now, just got the summer crops in and are starting winter preps. Met with some nearby neighbors yesterday and have started a survival strategy. A few of us will head out at daybreak to scout our 30 mile perimeter, haven't seen any dead inside it for a few weeks now.

Stay strong..Stay ALIVE

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Still alive... Report Card 01

Tucker and I have been having nightmares.

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Having blocked all the exit and entrances to the upper floor but most importantly the top penthouse, I began to turn my attention to the food massing. The small garden, promised to the hotel as a green paradise in the middle of the city according to the brochures left behind, was more than enough for my usage. Getting the fruit seeds turn out to be hard. Just when I said to myself to avoid shopping malls, I had to make a trip back to the garden section to pick some seeds. Armed with my trusty sharpened shovel, I made a trip to a nearby shopping mall and had my greatest fear manifest itself.

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New haunts.

Survival dictates that I needed a new place to stay. The big problem now is that I have survived for far too long for a living creature and food is becoming very scarce. About a year ago, I was still able to raid supermarkets for food and what not but that is not an option that I can partake willy nilly anymore. I do believe that there might be some food left, forgotten by the early marauders and the subsequent thieves, but as time passes, I'm beginning to think that those places should not be avoided at all costs.

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Anybody out there?

I've been browsing this site a few times before actually registering. I've noticed that there hasn't been much activity here at all in the past few weeks. Is anybody out there alive? At all? I'm praying to god that I'm not on this world alone. It's sad to think that everything anybody was doesn't matter anymore. There's only two things you could be now; dead or alive.

If ANYBODY is out there reading this, post a comment? Reply? Do something to remind me I'm not on my own?

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