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After another 12 hours passed it was apparent no living survivors would return to the area. It was going to be difficult for Pappa to operate without assistance so he knew it was only a matter of time before he would either "bunker" in place or egress away from it.

more time passed before he felt that the wall where closing in on him.

Going topside of the train and working on the UAV to get ready to launch. This would be the best way to gather intelligence without disturbing the dead into activity or a frenzy.

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Old haunts.

Being out in the open again after what seemed like an eternity underground is rather unnerving. The heat of the sunlight and the vastness of everything make me stopped for moment. Only the shifting of the shadows and the eerie feeling of being watch sprung me into action. The first thing that I did was to look for my old hideouts again.

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Current situation.

It has been almost a year since my last post. An update is needed.

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Anger Management

I was trembling, wet cold and miserable.
And angry.
After Tucker had attacked whoever had grabbed me a second man appeared and hit my baby cat to the ground, I wasn’t sure if the bastard killed him or not because I was hurled away and throw into a small room and no matter how much I banged on the door no one would open the damn door. Didn’t I know I was a lawyer and I never go quiet in my defense!? I could smell fire and hear the sizzling of something cooking and for a second I thought they were peeling and eating my Tucker.
I am going to kill them if they did.

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The setting sun warmed Harold's back as he walked up the cracked road. A light breeze brushed against his clothing as it rustled past the trees around him. Above him, clouds drifted lazily across the sky, big and fluffy like cotton balls. The trees were filled with the twittering and piping of birds, the music of nature filling the air. As Harold crested the steep hill he paused momentarily to look around, his view spreading across the valley below..

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Almost there D!!

“And I think about my loves
Well, I've had a few
Well, I'm sorry that I hurt them
Did I hurt you too?
I took what I wanted
Put my heart on the shelf
But how can you love me when you don't love yourself?
It was me against the world
I was sure that I'd win
The world fought back, punished me for my sins
And they tried to warn me
Of my evil ways
But I couldn't hear what they had to say"

"Oh hello whats this?”

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End of time.

Trapped. No power. Death all over. Malaysia is doomed. Anyone else?

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New Georgia pt2

Sam an I followed the suburban to an old high school turned armed we pulled up we saw the two tall log watch towers overseeing the front gate. We jumped out followed the escort through the school yard looking at tents an trailers lined up neatly . with soldiers standing by fires crackling happily in barrels , some were loading ammo an supplies in trucks ,still more were standing at attention getting instructions.

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Given the circumstances this was within the picture.
Deyhra walked quietly through the empty street, Tucker beside her wearing cute little white boots to keep the snow out of his paws, while the human looked around them. The weather was still cold, the roads still icy and she was covered with a coat and three different long sleeve shirts. Her boots made minimum noise and suddenly she halted, the cat with her did too and they turned to look at each other.
“Don’t even start.”
So the cat started walking and she followed.

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