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Sho finished her emails and walked to her makeshift closet. She pulled out her bag and began packing. First, the rum, then some mre’s, and so on.

‘Shit, where is my coat.’ She rummaged through her trunk and pulled out each piece of clothing and flung them around the room. As she got to the bottom she looked up and saw her jacket. On the peg, by her bed.

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95 tonnes of steel

95 tonnes of steel slowly screeched to a halt as it approached the still smoldering civilian base that was called “Iron horse”. It was like a ghost town but without the ghost as the train engine had slowed down to less than a fast walking pace, even for the dead.

But that was the strange thing... no dead, no living.

Just the remains of the day that were still falling from the shy. Ash was primarily all that was left. So this wasn’t the best place to be either dead nor the living Pappa Doc thought to himself.

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My response to Deyhra's post.

Annoying ward No#1-Ms. Sho.... Why are you laughing??
MWAH-*Still laughing* That crazy little rum drinking wench. Pop's is gonna be soooo mad.
AW No#2- Ms. Sho I think thats enough 'coffee'.
Mwah- Don't. Touch. My. 'Coffee.' Ummm... I mean... Training is canceled for *Counts on fingers* like.... Wait how far away is Ohio from here?
No#1-About two states to the east.
Mwah- For about three weeks.
No#2- For what reason?
Mwah- I need to see that that Crazy little rum drinking wench stays alive long enough to see Pop's.
No#2- Why?

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Email from... White wonderland?

Hi you guys!

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I am concerned no one has posted in awhile. I don't want the site too die like this !!!!!!!

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Last cop in town.. Part 4

By the start of the third week we had managed to more or less secure the entire city, sure outbreaks flared up here and there occasionally but on the whole we more or less considered our job done and thought that maybe we were nearing the end of the crisis.

Boy were we wrong...

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The last cop in town.. Part 3.

In most cases people say that "the first days were the worst" when it comes to disasters, but not for me. While they did seem to be the worst time in my life back then, i would later realize that they were in fact nothing compared with what was yet to come...

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i found them

my wife and daughter are gone.I have been in shock for a long time.Decided to make my way back to Topeka.on the way back I encountered really bad thunderstorms hail and high winds.stayed in a small town called harveyville KS around 2 am my first night there the town was destroyed by a tornado. I lost my vehicle and supplies.

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New Georgia Pt 1

After wandering around a forest of trees with walkers hanging in them an thrashing about.
We decided to retreat an get back to the Hummer. After jumping back in an the diesel engine cranking up Samantha put her hands on the wheel, hung her head an asked

“What now ?-- I mean Jesus H Christ Andy who would do something like that ?”

I just starred at the zombie forest an rubbed my forehead .

“I....I Don’t know .”

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