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First run.

"What are we doing today Sho?" Finn asked me before I had my morning cup of coffee, or what I pretend is coffee so the recruits don't know I'm drinking this early.

"Go. Away. Finn." I replied, not in the mood for the young man who, for some reason, emulates a golden retriever puppy at all hours of the day.

"Yeah man. It's like 5 in the morning, calm down. We'll find out soon enough get something to eat and just shut up for once." Jerry said grabbing a mug.

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OOG – Last Days: Ante Diem

here's a 15-minute animated short we made recently that precedes by a decade or two the events leading up to the end of the world. enjoy!

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The last cop in town.. Part 2.

I ran into some people from Glen's band of survivors yesterday while i was out on patrol yesterday, we talked a little about recent events and news from the outside world. None of the news were good sadly enough, another one of the survivor farms had been hit by raiders and while the casualties were relatively light the raiders managed to get away with a lot of food. I have a feeling that we will have to deal with them sooner rather than later..

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The last cop in town.. Part 1.

My name is Fredrik Davidson, i am 23 years old and live in the city of Enköping. I am a cop, i know that most survivors say that they "used to be" something, but not me. As far as i am concerned i was and still am an officer of the law, sure the basic procedures have changed and my equipment has gotten itself a few modifications but still deep down i still do my job. I still protect and serve.

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About me

Man, it's nice to have some way of letting the stress out, this journal helped a lot yesterday so I figured I would try it again today.
I promised last time that I would start my saga from the beginning so here it goes. ( FYI- I am being purposely vague about names and places, no offense to any readers but quite frankly I don't know who reads this or who I can trust anymore... I am sure you can relate.)

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Ch.10; My last

It was a matter half of a month when eventualy I found the CDC London branch. I surched through the compound mulipull times and found no information on the out break in Europe. With no luck I left the compound and headed off to a CDC compound in Germany. With nothing but a Tommy gun,a dessert Eagle,and a bucher's cleaver I'm surten that this trip might be my last.
To be finished

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Man, I can't believe we still have internet! We have spent the last few weeks trying to generate enough juice to get some basic electronics up but we haven't had enough to charge the laptop batteries (and I didn't want to use the truck battery for obvious reasons.) Now today we finally got everything going the way we need it and I can get some spare juice out of the solar arrays, enough to get a couple of hours on the toughbook. So... I turn it on and what do I see?

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New Toys...

New Toys...

While we were running we stumbled upon a military base. It had already been abandoned and was full of useful stuff. Of course all the adults (around 5) were focusing on the vehicles but I was focusing on something else.

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Can't seem to believe the mess I just got out of. That whole thing was just unbearable to be around. So about a 2 weeks ago I saw some people walking around. Saw that they where in trouble. Dam thoughts got me into trouble once again, but this time in the time of the dead. I remembered that I had a couple of Molotov cocktail and just refilled my zippo. So there I was on top of a roof and I through one about 10 feet in front of them and told them that it would slow them down for a bit. The hoard looked like it wasn't gonna stop for nothing. So I did the one thing I didn't want to do.

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Test No# 2

Note: George has been having trouble keeping up with the rest of the group. His aim is sub par, he refuses to take direct orders seriously, and even tried to punch Finn in the face when he tried to give him advice with his aim. I've begun to think that he has never even seen a zed up close. As a result of his annoying idiocy he will be sitting out this test and will rejoin the team when he has learned to control himself better.

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