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Hay I want to say something

I think we all need to get a new chapter of this story going. I really hate to see it end like this.

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well isnt this dandy

i cant seem to find anything or anyone left in this town. im going to have to change spots to gather before my big trip. does anybody know of a place close by that can benifit me?

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Scavenging test run #1 report. 1/20

Scenario: Medium sized grocery store, with lone zombies (Cardboard cutout's) placed sporadically through out the store. The test ran for one hour and thirty minutes. The group must keep twenty people feed for a week and gather enough sanitary means for a month. Out of the twenty people there is one pregnant female and three children.
Goal(s): 1. Find enough canned food to feed twenty people for one week.
2. Find the delivery slip and learn any useful information from it. I.e. Any storage warehouses located nearby

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The rain wasn't as bad as it was the day before. I manage to leave that dreadful place and get back to the place i need to be home home. thought if i came here the memories wouldn't be as bad and I needed to see what as become once where i grow up. It looks like a bloodshed battle was here. Haha. Who am i really fooling of course there was one here days ago. The day I had to forget everything I knew that was civil. The dam moments of life where it was die or kill to live. Watched them all die in front of my eyes.

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I've been thinking a lot lately, about myself, and about the world we all live in now.
When I first got back to America, all I could imagine is helping the world. I hoped to save what we used to know and love, and I had hoped for the return of the old world. And in the process, I've lost so much. And for what? I lost my leg for a dead country, and some of my best friends died in a war, because I asked them to fight for a cause that I'm not even sure about anymore.
I've packed my belongings, and picked up some supplies from the stockpiles.
I need..... to take a walk.

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So for the past 2 days now i have been held up in the same place. I moved from the safe house to get back to the place i actually call home. I don't know what actually processed them to horde up and walk towards me. It was odd, for this hasn't happened so far till 2 days ago. I guess that noise i heard behind my the day before got them to head that way. Someone over there is creating a lot of heat so, I don't know if I should head that way to see or just head to so call home. This whole trip is kind of a waste since I had to leave things since I say them.

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Time well needed

Pappa's hands were cold as he touched the rail of the main engine of the prime mover. His surrounding were cold, white and calm.

He played his favorite game called "dragon" as he did as a child by breathing hot air in the the cold and watching the various patterns. Well that lasted about 2 minutes before it was old news.

Reaching for his thermos top filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows his thoughts turned once more to what he left behind.

His head hung low for a bit as he gave a prayer.

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So am stuck in this dark and crappy room for the night. I could hear them all out there with the moans and fingers scratching at the building. Today was one of those days. You know fighting to stay alive days. I found some food in a house somewhere but, it was only canned goods. Oh, well i guess that's better then nothing. Ran into some drifters and traded somethings so now i have some bread, cookies, soda, and some new cloths. The food i traded was maybe not worth what i got but they where nice since i had to save them one of those infected.

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Outside New Georgia

Sam an I were about 10 miles outside of the small town of New Gerogia.
What the hell , pull this thing over!
Jesus Christ Andy what the hell!
We jumped out of the hummer an stood side by side an just looked on an watched them swing from the trees. Their limbs swung like rag dolls . There were no moaning from them since they were hung by the necks. We counted 14 walkers swinging in the trees along the road.
Whats going on?
I have no idea.
Sam nudged me, Over there in that tree look!
God almighty those are , Ya I see them.

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Hunter Army Airfield Savannah Georgia

Left Peterson air basr greenland a few days ago an set down at Hunter Airfield Georgia yesterday.
The base is deserted except for some old friends, The dead.

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