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Still alive, but barely

So lost power for weeks...had to I'm off post, out in the boonies. Lucky for me I found the house of a nutcase...stockpile of food fuel and ammo...

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Home sweet dysfunctional home!

We finally made it back to the base. Everyone's in one piece and our pick up has been devouring the mre's like they were a gourmet meal. He seems to really enjoy the hot water and warm beds also.

Pvt. Johnson and Will have gotten their recommendations and some well deserved rest before starting another project on the base. Finn, for some reason that completely escapes me, has decided to join my scavenging team. Apparently being part of the pick up team was so much fun that he decided to follow me in my future endeavors.

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Hanger 12 Peterson air base Greenland

The dead are all over base, Sam an I managed to make our way into the main command center. They barrcadied it peritty good, But as always the walkers found their way in. The blood on the walls has long since dried an the bodies are decomposing an the flys an maggots are thick as theives.
We found some mres an an some ammo an wepones. We also managed to refuel a c130 in the hanger an should be ready to try an fly out in a day or two.

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Peterson air base Greenland

Their all dead except Sam an myself.
She pulled me from the burning DC3 on Ireland.
We are hold up in the east hanger patching up our wounds an catching our breath.
More later.

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Just want to wish all a safe an walker free NEW YEARS !
Watch you backs, maybe the New Year will bring us all back together.

Officer Charley Anderson

p.s. Stacey I love an Miss you.

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Merry Christmas

I hope you all stay safe and alive

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Have a very merry Christmas!

Merry Xmas everyone! Hope you all enjoy the day!

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Happy Holidays

Happy holiday's to you all.... and to all a good night.

Pappa Doc

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