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Mission Failed ! The Two of us are on our way home.

After we land back at Iceland I will fill you all in on whats happened the last few weeks an the loss of the team, an the horror that remain in Europe.

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Why does nothing ever go according to plan?

Sooo.... I have yet again been separated from the group. Pvt. Johnson contacted me over the walkie talkie to inform me that they were with our pickup, but were surrounded by zed's so it would be very difficult to retrace their steps back to my location. They have found a way past the massive horde, but they could be in serious trouble if they run into any more zed's. So while they are making their way through the horde I will be driving to the next town over and scouting it out. Wish us luck.

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Made it.

Finally arrived back at the old command center. When I got here, people started giving me weird looks. What's happened? I've basically been resting in my quarters since I've arrived, in an effort to avoid unwanted contact.

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Made contact.

Made contact with my pick up two hours ago. He's in a high density zombie infested area about a day away from us. I have a serious cold and my coughing could alert the zed's to our operation so I'll be hanging back and keeping the car ready for a quick get away.

Will post if everything goes according to plan.

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I think we all need to get something going as the story has stalled overall.
Any ideas

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At last

I've finaly made it to England on my boat My target is the C.D.C London branch.

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Im doing great, i really am. I have now an m4, EO tech sites. I have about 300 rounds for it... also i have a glock with tac lights. With about 200 rounds hollow points. I geuss finding a dead soilder can help. I didnt leave him there... he helped me so i baried him on top of the Hill. I put his helemt on him and left him his secondary weapon in his hand with a full mag. I couldnt barry him with no weapon, he would need it for his next journy. Im in a watch out tower next to the michigan lake. ITs made out of cament and is like a bunker. Nice big steal door, one of thoes pear lookout things.

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New Dark Ages by Bad Religion

2:48 minutes (4.61 MB)

This song seems to be appropriate right about now

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Still looking

Made it back to my old apartment without incident as all undead exposed to the elements have frozen solid I'm actually grateful for cold Midwest winters (who'd of thunk it) found a note from Monica (my wife)her mother and step father are both dead she had to kill them both to defend our daughter. She's with her friend Samantha and they're heading to Sam's dads farm in western Kansas. Which is a good thing because there are more cows then people out that way.

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better days

better days

The reason I keep going

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