The Fallen

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The Fallen

The Fallen


So sad

So sad I hope he is out of harms way now and not a mindless eatting machine.
Fight the dead, Fight the living, Fight yourself -Cici.Chan



18B - Special Operations Weapons Sergeant
18C - Special Operations Engineer
18D - Special Operations Medical Sergeant
18E - Special Operations Communications Sergeant
Not "Grand Slammed"
After several years with Group, went Warrant Officer
180A- SF Warrant Officer (Assistant Detachment Commander)


US Army, MOS 11B3PB400, SSgt.

Service Record

Figured I should give the whole story. Entered training, and applied as Linguist Specialization. I can speak Russian, German, Swahili, and Korean. (I can also write in Traditional Chinese, but that isn't enough for a linguist qualification in Chinese.) My shooting skills attracted attention, and I ended up being put through Sniper training. I graduated, 2nd in my class, and deployed overseas in Iraq. Returned home, and was reassigned to Training new Sniper candidates. I didn't see any more action until the outbreak hit, due to a shortage of troops, where I was sent to burn infected bodies in NYC, and then finally I was sent on the botched rescue op to rescue American staff from the Egyptian embassy.

mos, current mos and status.

USMC, trained as an 0331 before i got injured and then disabled by a navy surgeon (he had a list of failed surgeries, but still got to mess me up too) so for all accounts and purposes, 0311 as a rifleman or 0811 basic marine. The dr. thing is a joke brtween me and my fellow marines back in service, i was always patching stitching and gluing myself and others back together; i never heard the end about how i shouldve been a corpsman. as it stands, i am currently in what i now call the "Marine Irregulars". you have to be a damn fine shot out to 500 meters with almost any weapon, able to service it and get/keep her zeroed, you need to be able to survive a close combat encounter with one of these things, and you MUST be able to fight smart against these deaders here. fight hard yes, but more importantly you must fight smart.

I fully agree

As a 14 year vet of the Seattle pd and 10 of those year as a pilot I understand what you mean. In the last days I stood besides many a good marine and soldier. I saw men and women torn apart from the air and the ground. God bless all those who stood their ground.
I have been haveing this true feeling of guilt that I live and the rest of my department is either dead or a walker..

Your loss

we grieve for your loss and those that you have known