March 01, 2011

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March 01, 2011
Ft. Detrick MD

The Flu came with malaise and soon supplies were coming less often, but the time (the end of April), just before the first arrivals with Passports came into play.

During this time 1/11th S.F.G. (ABN) signal det (Detachment) & ODA 1305's assignment was to escort , guard and detain any medical personnel trying to leave Ft. Detrick, Md. Authorized use of deadly force was in place and all were warned.

They could have used anyone to enforce this but we are tasked with watching their homes, loved ones and to be the ears /arms of the government. NSA people assisted and gave guidance and direction during ELECTNLT.

Babysitting duty?!
I signed up for this stupid shit?, to over watch a bunch of egg head that are working on a virus? . But I soon found out that these eggheads were up to something else, special...

Then got us as EPS (Executive Protection Service duty). Our Operators took men and women in plain clothing to Malls, schools, and even shopping, Strange don't you think?