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Got on the satellite phone phone with the Signal officer Dale Edinger, just to chat and to see what is up with Kelly his wife and the kids before I get appointed to the S.F.O.B. "Alamo" as the XO. and set up the base starting as a A.O.B. (Advance Operations Base) in Nevada's most wonderful desert. Dale and I chatted for a bit but then he acted strange.

"He told me that kelly has a friend and hopes that her friend was good as a Friend to her as I was to him. "


Tapping noise in the background

" Everything will workout Dale, Nice talking to you.." I spoke.

" Lima Charlie, out" dale spoke

Two hours later I bought a disposable phone at target retail store in a strip mall and paid for it in cash after giving a prostitute some cash to buy me a phone with a card. After activation of the phone and giving her more money, I called the phone number that was "tapped out" earlier with his background noise.

" One - Eight - Zero Actual, over" I spoke

" All KTY gear compromised, Pappa -Whiskey-Lima - Butterfly, Over" the voice said"

"Lickin chicken, out" I replied