April 1st, 2011

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April 1st, 2011
“Desert Rats” – Barstow, Ca – Delta Corridor – 0632 hours Zulu time

Within less than two hours a TOC ( Tactical Operation Center ) was established, Commos was established via satellite as soon as the 18 Echos ( Commo Sgts )were able to PLF. A AN/MRC-138 antenna was established within 12 Hours, All Groups had made “coms” and had “checked in”.

Base security was established by the 18 bang bangs (18B) (Weapons Sgts) within 5 minutes of PLF (Parachute Landing Fall).
18C (Charlies) The engineers had Basic facilities up and running within 24 hours.

18D (Docs) the Medics had a treatment center within 4 hours.

HQ element (Various Detachments (Dets) combined ) then jumped in within the next 24 hours.

ODA-1309 Recon unit had infiltrated by “H.A.L.O.” to secure the “Alamo” site. ODA-1309 secured the site and surveyed and sent back to group as a “SPOT / SALUTE” format. Logpac requested within 45 minutes. Then a C-130K (Cargo) from Nellis, AFB and some from Travis, AFB began to airdrop (LALO) equipment of various combat loads of need supplies, all received within 12 hours. Along with NMCB-18 Dets (Detachments) of Eos, Bus, SKs, CSs) to support the Special Forces Activities as part of a company sized FTX, these people were brought in by UH-60 Black hawks, CH-46 & CH-47 Echos and deltas with combat sling loads of their own earth moving equipment. This was all done during the cover of darkness….