April 1st, 2011

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April 1st, 2011
Camp Cooke - Ft. A.P.Hill, Va - Team house - 2145 hours Zulu time

The F.B.I. came to question us about all of the groups wives disappearing to no avail. Funny tid bit in the news today about a man stealing money out of a bank by the use of a squirt bottle that supposedly contained super flu infected blood, *scoffes*

It's been two weeks since we "jumped" into F.T. Irwin, Ca. The 18 Charlie's (Engineers) have been tasked to assist with the creation of the S.F.O.B. (Special Forces Operational Base) called the "Desert Rats".

Delta Romeos inside the Delta corridor

FOB " Iron Horse" - India Hotel was part of the Barstow’s rail yard / USMC "Yermo" logistical base.

But the division's A.O.B. (Advance Operational Base) The Alamo was high in the mountains between Nevada and California.

While at India Hotel are personnel were slotted to be dressed as "civilians" and disguised as ACE (Army Corps of Engineers). Under presidential orders to "secure" the area from possible terrorist threat Level IV, which now made “Barstow’s Rail yard” now I high value and High Priority Target. Which would be similar to a Nuclear power plant, Federal Airport or National Shipyard.