June 1st, 2011 Phase III AOB (Advance Operations Base; code named "Alamo")

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June 1st, 2011 Phase III
AOB (Alamo) concrete is laid, steel structure created, vehicles lifted in during the night. Construction goes 24/7, work by portable lights , defenses reinforced ( Gun Pits for the old 8” guns, the 109 Self propelled Gun, concrete mortar pits 4.2mm, 81mm and the light fighter’s 60mm mortar and cold storage unit was added during the month as well as modular conned living accommodations.

FOB (Delta Romeo) runs operations (supporting St. Theresa through CAG & Medical detachments)

FOB ( Iron Horse) Defensive positions (camouflage added) Riot control points (checkpoints added) 2 buildings added that were the dimensions (150 x170) 42 months before completed?