then there were two

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With Stacey's sister dead there is just 2 of us left. An I have no idea of where to go or how to handle her?
She needs to be with a family not a police officer who flies a pby around the country looking for trouble. She deserves some sort of normal life. She needs to be safe . She dose not need to be with a person who has saw what I have seen. Help please I do not want her to be hurt in any way,


Taking in other survivors

Well first off I would like to thank you for all of your hard work that you have been doing lately. Your personal missions that allow you to travel by flying is what I envy you for. But I am working on a similar project myself currently here in the high desert near Ft. Irwin, ca. My project is a train that will allow us to survive with a little bit more comfort.

When its ready, then I 'll invite you and many others to travel also side and build up some areas so that we can find comfort. I was thinking of scouting out a base area in the Sierra mountains during the winter time. My reasoning is straight forward. Snow... the snow gets deep as if not several months or two during the winter time in the Sierras.


My only concern in that would be accidental infection, caused by a zombie being imprisoned in the snow for months, then suprising an unwary person walking past with perhaps just it's head defrosted. That, and flooding caused by snow melt. However, your train concept? I like that. Rail networks are pretty durable, and you could easily armour up a few cars. When I get back into the Country, you want some help? I know a little bit about electrical work, I know how to work a welder, and I grew up a bit of a survivalist, so I could be of a little use to you.

Snow bound

Excellent point...

O.K. I don't always have the correct answer but I do have an answer about that.

Phase one
Recon the area with a plane ( Maybe Stacy and Andy aka officer Anderson both can help with this). Next take a Maintenance vehicle to look around on the ground, stake out a area (300 yards x 150 yards ), post a OP/LP with radio communication.

I suggest
one high cube storage container with ropes, toilet , water, food, sleeping area and brass catch area all on top

Phase two
Once area is prepped and clear of dead, then move in (by train) supplies that would be needed.

shortened list to follow in blog or here

Phase three - Construction of perimeter fence.

I'm sorry.

I would take her, but I'm not in a very stable area. If I do manage to find a safe zone or an area that's safe enough to cultivate I'll let you know. But to tell you the truth she may very well be safer with you then with someone who would either do harm to her or put her in harm's way.


Let me know if you get in a place where you could take her. I would give my life for her in a second if need be. But she deserves a better life the to live in a sea plane with a cop. I just well you see its just that ,at the end I flew over a school bus with kids that were just trying to escape the city when the dead got into in and in a matter of minuts the windows turned red. I still have nightmares of it.


It may be a while before i can get someplace safe enough to take her, but i will keep going until I'm able to get some place safe. I'll keep you updated as much as possible.