Radio transmission

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We've heard this transmission bouncing around. We're trying to decide if we should try to help. Dunno. Sound like a trap to you guys out there? I have my suspicions, but at the same time don't want to just leave them sitting out there.


Im not sure. It might be ok

Im not sure. It might be ok but then again. If you do end up going to help them then keep your weapons ready.
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Think for a moment.

It does sound like he's reading off of a paper. But, well it's just odd to trap someone out there. With the geeks everywhere, they got to be up there ass if they had or even have enough time to stop and send out radio transmissions. Why would they want to trap you with them? Other than science experiments, and further research into what ever the hell is going on out there that's the only reason. If I were you, I'd stay put and NOT help them. If they do trap you you're screwed. If they don't you're probably screwed still considering how long it takes to set up, and find a good signal and plus the noise of them speaking. You're helpless if you throw yourself out there, bro. :/

Wowsers... your still alive?!

Not on the menu has a valid point. But I'm torn between the two.

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Not that alot of people that care but....

if you are within 200 Nautical mile you should respond since I doubt that any other sea going vessels will attempt to investigate. You never know who you might be helping and I fear for the common man. I wouldn't want to be left to die surrounded by a sea of non drinkable water.

Check it out... but yes my friend that is easy for me to say, siting in a air conditioned room on a abandon Special forces Operation Base in the desert of southern California.

if you are picking it up on very high frequency (shorter range VHF) channel 16 (156.8 MHz) and/or high frequency (longer range HF) on 2182 kHz that it probably is a distress call from someone that know how to operate a maritime radio but you could be right as well. It might be a trap.

Maybe just maybe you will be rescuing other survivor like yourselves, the choice is up to you my friend.

Good luck and I hope to hear that you did choose to investigate.

Safely yours, somewhere out in the safety of the hot desert, land locked,

Pappa Doc
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We voted.

My fellow survivors have decided that we should check things out. We haave a few more guns than we did before, so we can protect ourselves if need be. The transmissions changed about 2 hours ago, after we started broadcasting, and now they're giving us co-ordinates. We're on our way.

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RE: survivor message

We have heard nothing for weeks now , could be a trap, but at the same time...what if we were in their position?
If you go, use speed, stealth and PRESERVE shot one kill! Caution rules this mission my friends...may god be with you, if not....Smith & Wesson Keep us posted

kinda sounds like

He's reading off of a paper to me, but if you guys decided to go ahead with it use extreme caution not only for a trap but for a person with a bite.
Stay safe!