Blood soaked floors

officer Anderson's picture

As Stacey and I check car after car they are just over flowing with them. The wooden floors of the rail cars are drenched red with blood. What make this so ... I have no words.
Their hands have been bowned behinde them! Walkers some, but most are not! Why? We cracked open another car and just stared at a whole rail car loaded with crates of brand new rifles, ammo, box's and box's of MRE'S. WTF is going on?



Strange. Sounds like somebody was moving prisoners of some sort. And they definitely have some serious resources to leave supplies like that lying around. I'd grab what you can, and get out of there, lest they come back to get the stuff themselves. If they do come back.... I dunno, something about this just dosen't seem right. I'd get out of there while you can.