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Miss Sho has been a great help to Andy and me. She also helped me figure out some things. Like why Andy has scars and why the world is the way it is.
She just calms me down. We are back in on the ocean, the waves are high and the sky is dark and quiet. Miss Sho looked at the picture of Andy in his army uniform, she said if you fill you have to ask him about it. But Andy may have a dark past that you may not want to know, the scars are his. She told me to let Andy bear them on his own, when he wants to he will open up.
She is going to stay withus for a few days till she's sure Andy will be okay, but she said we should try to get to Papa doc.
I thinks she is haveing a hard time still seeing a 13 year old girl who can fly a plane as big as this one.


It's like watching my younger sister drive a plane!

I can't get passed it. But I'll get used to it lmao.

Video Games

Now people have a reason to play video games!

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