Little surprise at base...

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Isn’t it amazing? No matter where you went in the island you got a decent cup of coffee or/and a good meal. We made it to the base (the one I’m always talking about) a day ago and although I was hoping for the later I got offered a cup of warm coffee. I haven’t tasted such a wonderful thing in a couple of weeks (David doesn’t like it much so he didn’t had any at our previous shelter). But coffee as much as I loved it, wasn’t what I needed. I already raided the liquor section of the PX or commissary… whatever. Between the red beach and the image of that walker that almost got me I needed a stiff drink (or ten) to sleep. I wanted to start drinking almost as soon as I picked the first bottle but David apparently knows me better than I expected and halted me; he said we check things out.
The place had been barricaded real good, and although I wasn’t surprise, David was; he hadn’t expected the base to be thriving with soldier-walkers, there should have been no personnel at all; but then we remembered that the camp’s parade was about the time the first attacks in the island took place. How ironic; this is when he panicked. If I had known he was planning on dispatching all walkers and locking me in the grocery store, and while he searched the base for one of those Cougars I might have shot him instead. (Sure go on, laugh, soon I’ll be too drunk to care.)
I found a pair of walkie-talkies and decided to give them a go; it could be a good idea for when David and I are separated. They can be noisy but better than being in this uncertainty about his whereabouts right. I’ve gotten busy with gathering supplies and packing them for our journey and pouring shots when I heard a noise from a nearby corner. When I turned I saw a shadow passing really quickly, and pulling out my trusty bow and a very sharp arrow I decided to practice my aim.
I almost hit the poor bastard, what would have put a dent on the whole thing; the guy was alive. He’d been hiding in the office and when he heard David disposing of the walkers he hid under the desk, but when he figured it was safe to come out found me (or my arrow) instead. His name is Lewis Marshall, he was unarmed reason why he’d been hiding, but what the hell is a soldier doing without a pistol at least? And in this particular situation too? And after the advice the good Father gave me, what am I suppose to do with him?
The only reason I kept him alive is because he has an Air Force uniform on.


anyone can wear a uniform

anyone can wear a uniform!

Ask question about his role in the service and defer to David's knowledge as well as your own. How does Tucker feel about him?

Pappa Doc

Don't take your eyes off him.

I hate to sound paranoid, but you're better off just keeping watch on him. You're amed, so as long as you keep an eye on him, and stay ready for anything he might pull, you'll be fine. Just don't leave him alone.

Paranoia is a good thing nowadays

I'd be on high alert and ready to drop this guy if he does anything conniving. How did David react to seeing him, if he has seen him yet.


Good call!

Pappa Doc