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I would like to get everyone on the same page here. Please join our out of character topics and comments page.

link enclosed below



We Now Have A Forum

Nothing is finalized yet, but our forum is online now!! Feel free to join, and add a post. Or 10.
Linky: http://z13.invisionfree.com/LDJ_Writers/index.php?act=idx


When you wrote same page, you meant it! Sorry couldn't help it... will be loging in soon

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support

Jaffa 232

it's on "lock down now" if anyone wishes to join they can use the "request" button on the page. If you can't login... email me.

Thanks in advance,
Pappa Doc

sent request

sent request
joined the forum
and added to the wiki

WOOHOO! I'm done. lmao

Good Girl

*pats her on the back

send me you email so I can add you, please


um I don't mean to sound unsavvy in the technology dept.... but how exactly do i do that?


email espatier@gmail.com your addy and I'll add you to the ooc mailing list that has been going on for a day or too. You should be able to catch up as well.