FOB Iron Horse (Yermo MCLB) Marine Corps Logistics Base - Yermo, Ca

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So many people were finally coming to see Old Pappa Doc.

This was hopefully going to be a new beginning for the rebuilding of the area. Pappa Doc's area was the desert and almost right right next to the stateline that was the difference between Nevada and California. The base was in fact several bases that are connected by various tents, vehicles and concrete. Pappa Doc's area was know as the "Alamo". The Alamo was high up in the mountains between the two states and was in fact a last bastion for the living. But those that were greeted by him and other fomer Army members were in the area called FOB (Forward Operation Base - Iron Horse).

FOB Ironhorse was in fact part of Yermo Marine Corps Logistic base that is near Barstow's Railyard. Barstow rail classification yard is were more than 22% of the USA good pass through to get to other states and this is were the buck stops for now. The temporary Airfield was Dagget Airfield and from that point it was only a 20 ride through the dead in armoured vehicle ( empty school bus with a cage to protect the driver from harm.

After being greeted by soldiers in a hanger, over a loud speaker the people were given a choice to stay or leave if they wished. assuming that anyone wished to leave they would be re-fitted with ammo, water, and goods for their travel. Those that stay were instructed to drop all gear, spread it out on the hanger floor as two soldier's scanned the goods without touching nor taking anything away. Next was ALL weapon to be surrendered to the Armorer and a wpns card was issued to the indivual, those not in compliance where asked to leave the area... peacefully and with out threats.

The medial exam was actually preformed by Good old Pappa Doc himself and for the ladies a different area was used to ask them to disrobe so that they could be examined in a more discreet fashion. For the ladies another female soldier was present during the secondary survey as well as the primary. for the men it was just like MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) Quick, fast and no talking.

The quarantine rooms were lavish, had DVDs with T.V.s, Internet, private bathroom (Hot showers) and dining tables.

FINALLY... after quarantine

Memeber were free to roam the secure areas of the base (Iron horse)



you know this quarantine thing doesn't sound that appealing... but a warm shower does. Question; I have an injury (or three) does that mean I'll be in quarantine longer?
Hope to take a wee cat nap like the capt
Be safe!

Answer to your question

Nope... as long as your NOT infected.


Nope! Not infected! Not Infected!!
I chocked...


Chock?... chocked, hummmmm? I think that you MIGHT need that ... extended stay *L

Pappa Doc

that was tucker

typing with claws is not easy you know

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That was EXACTLY like the MEPS. Anyway, I'm just sitting in the quarantine right now. I'm probably going to just sleep through it. I haven't slept in.... maybe 2 days. I had been driving one of the campers, and trying to monitor radio transmissions. Anyway, I'm through, and now I'm catching me a wee catnap.

Sufficiently Sleepy