Which way did he go?

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The LDJ survivors sat at a table to disscuss what everyone moves where going to be.

Pappa Doc address the others that were present and seated.

" I'm leaving this FOB- Iron horse to the civilian survivors like yourselves and creating a new FOB-IronHorse at the Barstow Classification Yard. So what this means is that you are welcome to stay, go or pretty much do whatever you want after my group leaves. "

" I'm going to make my way near washington D.C. to assest a possible threat of the living human kind. As what is going on... I'm not sure but it doesn't sound good and I don't like the smell neither. "

" We have a ODB at the Greenbrier that I plan to make contact with and I hope that they are not compromised by other factions, which is highly unlikely but still a concern. "

" For those that are thinking about flying.... its going to be ugly. Its 12 miles of high top vegitation, moutains and undead so I thought that I would warn you first. By foot from the airport is about 4 hours with no dead, no traffic so I leave the choice up to you. I personally would recomend a helocopter but that sounds too dangerous with the living in that area. "

" You wonder why a helo would have a hard time? Simple, you have to face into the wind right? the ground are has too much vegitation in alot of area and the areas that don't will have unfriendlies but best part is that you will have people attempting to flee the area. And if you have something that they want....."

" I myself will have my hands full with a small train set of maybe six cars plus primemover... "

" The train that I have has 2.5" armor plates added to it so that the prime mover will not be damaged, but only 2" for the rolling stock like the passenger car and the weapons platform. So its not going to be a luxury cruise but I will welcome those that wish to go as long as they are willing to pull thier own weight."

" May I remind those that are of the opposite sex that this isn't a dating service, space is limited as is you may pick your room partner but the bathrooms are shared and most of us don't shower everyday. But if that isn't scary enough and think that you can hold your own then let me know."

" I'm willing to drop people off in other part of the U.S. as well as pick them up so..... any takers?"



I'm not eager to go out alone again any time soon. But I haven't made a decision on whether or not where I'll go. I've heard a lot of different rumors while I've been here, more then a few have seemed worth the trek to check them out. If you have the time I would like to discuss some of these rumors and know which ones would be worth looking into.