NCS (Net Control Station) Alamo

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Pappa Doc moved to the secured nerve center that was inside the train station that was located inside Iron Horse.

After using his magnetic key to gain access he entered his War room. Flipping switches and grabbing his CVC he spoke into the headset mike.

"Alamo, this Iron Horse Six Actual, over"

"Iron Horse Six Actual, Alamo Six Romeo, send your traffic, over"

" Alamo Six Romeo, I need eyes in the sky quick, fast and in a hurry, looks like he are have company for dinner and I don't like whats on the menu, over. "

"Iron Horse Six Actual, Copy clear, out".

Pappa Left no time to yell for the Rail engineers to get the beast started. "Twenty Minutes to get her going Chief..." A Train Service Engineer replied. "Make it so number one!"

** Thirty Minutes later **

The Train pulled up to the main gate of the base with a rumble as various crew members began to man the forward flatbed platform "Point Blank Defense"

5 different Uavs began to circle over head before flying in a lazy eight.