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The train closed to a stop as the bridge was secured by the train’s defense forces. Radio communication was established within minutes after clearing the bridge of random dead. The bridge was raised withing minutes.

Pappa Doc decided that he was going to make contact with the fabulous three; David, Priest, Mr Tucker and oh yes. Ms *chuckles* smarty pants. Pappa Doc makes his way through the light resistance to make contact with David’s group. Figuring that they would be late anyway, he made his way into the city. It wasn’t long before he needed to get up high and quickly due to the runners that were roaming around looking for their next victim. Pappa’s weapon was silenced so that it didn’t give away his position if needed.

The concrete was cold to his touch as he made his way up the covered ladder, cursing his rucksack as he pulled more than his own weight up to the roof. “I’m getting too old for this crap” he told himself. Scanning the rooftop and seeing nothing move he made his way to the ledge. “Damn” they look like ants”.

“ What did you say chief” his mic barked back at him. “Nothing Cooper, just keep your eyes peeled for the living. “ He replied.

“chief, Explosion, Direction 2456, Distance 8,000 meters” the radio came to life. “ Heck of a calling card, eh?”. Chief adjust his rifle and made his way to another edge of the building. “ I see smoke but... wait a sec, got them I think, over”. **static burst**

The wind picked, brushing his cap back, as the silence of the city, beyond the moaning of those dead below, continued. The smell of salt was suddenly thick and frowning...
The explosion was so loud that David was forced to duck and turn; pieces of walkers fell around, the car they had rigged created a cloud of dark smoke that rose and suddenly the priest was beside him; looking as prim as usual in his black garbs.
“Do you think that would signal whoever is picking us up?”
“If they can’t see it they must have heard it!”
“It’ll draw the dead ones towards this place, not to us.”
“You are crazy did you know that?” Suddenly a black cat walked and sat beside David, looking up at the man. “Where’s Deyhra?”
“I can see someone in a rooftop, I don’t think he’s covered enough.” She said from a jeep, binoculars to her eyes and making the other two men frown.
“Where did you got that car?”
“You said we needed transport, and this thing can drag whatever cart we find for the supplies.”
“I’ve created a monster.” David murmured, moving to the Jeep and the backpack he brought. The priest followed, and got in, the cat jumping to sit beside him. A radio was found and pulled out of the bag, Deyhra turned from the artifact and shook her head. “I hope he’s listening.”
“I hope he likes what I’m wearing; he’s always saying how first impressions are important...” David took the radio up, sighed and pressed the button.
a burst and a number of 98.56 popped up on the singars.. “Gotcha!”. Keying the mike Pappa attempt to converse with the others.

“ I Hope that was your signal to get my attention and not a welcoming committee for the inhabitants, over” he said with a smile as he continued “ So …. I see that you are close by but I think that you might have attracted a bit of attention with both the slow and the fast movers.., Over. “

paused a bit

“ I’m going to pop some smoke so that you can look in my general direction and meet up wit me, over. “

“ You copy, over?”

“I copy,” Said a feminine voice as the sound of an engine starting overcame Dave’s voice. “Hey Pappa Doc, I’ve been wondering something; where do you get all the stuff for the train?”

Pappa thought that it would be easy to engaged tangos as they became targets of opportunity. “ I get most of my stuff that people leave behind or raid like others, why?.. you got something to trade?.” He laughed as he engaged three more targets with his silenced weapon the M4 Carbine (SOPMOD M4). His throat mike was a welcomed accessory to his bag of many tricks, then he frowned and looked down at the radio. “Deyhra, is that you?”

“Who else? Unless you were expecting the Priest to have such a sexy voice.” pappa heard something literally pop and then a hiss that followed several gunshots. “Popping smoke, Pappa, watch out for fast moving suckers.” A short pause. “And let’s hope that train of yours do the trick.” That had Pappa rolling his eyes.

The Jeep skidded down the street to a prepared spot and the red colored smoke started to rise in between two buildings. Pappa realized they were not as close as he would have wanted them to be, and neither were they in the direction he would have wanted them to be; but what could he expect out of a priest, a veteran and a crazy lawyer? It had to be the black cat, maybe the animal was bringing them bad luck. Another loud hiss was heard and the sound of gunshots and moans mixed over the radio, Pappa doc decided it was time to cut them some slack and just go out and help them. After all they bore gifts of good rum and probably some canned goods.
Hurrying towards the side of the building from which he could help them papa doc used the sight in his rifle to find the fighting survivors. Deyhra was to the back; using her bow and arrows (who brought bows and arrows agiasnt zombies, really?), while David and the Priest fought front line. Doc was unable to find the black cat.
“Deyhra, do you copy?” Static was the only thing that found its way towards Pappa and for a while this went on. “Deyhra, do you copy?”
“I copy pappa, where are the reinforcements?”
“Continue heading south, you’ll see the train tracks soon.”
“Great a train’s picking us up?”
“Not while the walkers are with you.”
“Just follow the lines towards the building I’m at, I’ll give you cover while you run.”
“One man? Are you…?”
“Believe me one man is all that’s needed, over.”
“Fine… do I have to say over every time?”
“Preferably, over.”
“Fine, over.”

Pappa shook his head, the woman was helping fend off a zombie attack and she could complain about radio protocol… Who could understand them females? He was sure that if given the chance Ms. Sho would probably act the same way, hell she already overtook his office and was acting as lady of the house within the walls of El Alamo… Let’s just hope Deyhra doesn’t fight over the position. But he was going to have his own fun teasing Deyhra to no end during the examinations for quarantine. Taking a deep breath and savoring the moment Pappa started to shoot undead walkers down.

Deyhra heard the gunshots and struggled to find Pappa on the rooftops of building nearby, while running and shooting. Tucker jumped suddenly over her backpack and held onto her for dear life; it hissed and licked his own lips while Deyhra groaned. “Boy are you getting fat! Must have been the priest feeding you behind my back, huh?”
Tucker just ignored her.
A hand grenade was thrown and the Priest as suddenly beside her. “David wants us to find the stairs and climb…”
A strange zombie appeared before them, making Tucker hiss and claw at the shoulder’s he was curring resting on; Deyhra groaned as the priest put a bullet through it’s O shaped mouth. “What the hell was that?”
“A walker, now to the stairs!”
“What about David!?”
“Just climb, he’s coming over with some help.” Deyhra did as told, wishing suddenly thankful for having chosen the comfortable black jeans over the leather pants, and pushing Tucker over the stairs; the cat hurried up and waiting at each rest for them. Soon they were at the top of the building and to their surprise saw a man struggling against more walkers… and then falling through the roof of the building. “Well that’s new.” She said, as the stairs below were hit by a truck and started to fall. Looking down she saw David climbing behind them, rigging the remainder of the stairs with explosives and as he climbed detonating them. This was nothing strange; in his paranoia David was doing crazier and crazier things that were proving quite useful for survival. “Look at this.”, said the Priest having gone to inspect the hole in the ground, Deyhra neared him and took the piece of material from his hand. The red and blue patch designed by the military made her look down into the darkness of the building.
“Pappa Doc.” She murmured before turning to the Priest.


Pappa made his way down lower to the false roof that hung below by several iron rod pieces. With a thud he landed on the false roof and began to clear a path to the others. Taking his time to shoot the runners he felt it was safe to jump below to the street below and make his final path to the living. Everything was going to his plan until he lost sight of his quarry.

“Damn it..I need to double back now, crap!” he explained to himself.

Turning and running back he quickly saw that this wasn’t a good option. By the time that he turned and was half way down the first street. Things, undead just started coming out of every friggin hole that open and then some. “ Crap!.. Need to get up and out!”. Pappa scrambled and made his way in between two buildings that had a fire scape and grabbed the rungs to pull the weighted ladder down to his level. With a quick burst he dropped several before he needed to turn and drop more the other way in this death trap that he ran into.

Wasting no time nor energy he flew up the rung to the first story and then dropped a M57 fragmentation grenade below to add some time to distance himself from these evil creatures.

Pappa Doc made his way to the top of a three story building that had numerous Air handling units and places to hide if need be. But that wasn’t Pappa’s plan.

Running was, running like the wind in fact.

Leaping from building to building was hard but it was even harder with his rucksack on as well. Trying to keep out of sight of these god forsaken things that where chasing his wasn’t the easiest.

He couldn’t remember what happened next as he fell through the flooring and the world turned dark. But he remembered hearing a cat purring near him as he tried to regain concision after the fall. Has he still alive?... The blood was caked, dried but as he move it began to turn bright red again. “Shit” He whispered to himself. Hearing movement Pappa Doc groaned loudly to alert his hopeful rescuers.

“ Mike Force Six, Mike Force, over” his radio barked at him, repeating the same message over and over again.

Thats when he saw it looking at him. it opened a door as the black cat began to arch its back and hiss menacingly at this creature. “No.. “ was all that pappa could whisper to himself as the creature began to circle him, like a shark not sure if it is the aggressor or the prey. “ @#%er you better stay away from me. “ he scolded it. Pappa’s arm and opposite leg were pinned by debris that fell upon him. Was this his last stand?.. with a cat spitting piss and vinegar at this creature?

The hissing started slow but as the creature made it’s blind way toward him it grew quicker and faster, as if calling for it’s pack mates. Yet usually when such sounds were emitted the pack found it’s way quickly toward them; right now only it seemed to be around. No eyes could be found in the contorted face; probably because they had rot away or fallen to the back of it’s head. The skin was gray and the smell was terrible; being a doctor Pappa Doc could see that the rigors mortise around the mouth area was so strong the muscles and skin (or what was left of them anyway) were set in that position of O… almost like a mummy who’d been rotting under the sun. The little hair it possessed fell around it’s face as a cloak, making it look even more disgustingly scary. As the sound continued, the creature moving toward Pappa Doc as if enjoying the hunt, the cat hissed again.

It’s arms moved up and revealed claws… The nails had hardened along the skin and the exposed bone had become a natural occurring phenomenon human claws. This thing defied science by all standards; how come the ebony fingers had not fallen off!?

Pappa tried for help once again, aware that if not helped soon this thing was going to feast on him when the sound of wood breaking made him turn and see another one of the same things; the face was equally contorted, the neck turned to an odd angle and the nails done in acrylic… “ Great this had the help of beauty market products” he thought to himself. This one who found Pappa was probably a female of the sort was it was hungry.

“Mike Force Six… Answer Dammit!”

The dark creature launched, the cat hissed and the second creature let out a bone chilling sound; something out of the Ring movies…

But the arrow made it’s way through the first creature’s head, dropping it effectively while a second pinned the acrylic zombie’s head to the neared wall.

“Pappa! Pappa Doc!” Cried a feminine voice making the man turn up, to the floor above. A woman and a Priest clad in black were staring at him.
“About damn time you made your entrance woman!”
“You know me; always waiting for the last moment.” And with that the two of them made their way down.

The two came down to help pappa doc get up and out of this hole and fallen debris that had him trapped.

**10 minutes later**

Lucas the priest was the one that figured out that after the fall that Pappa Doc” rucksack was caught in the debris. “ That should do it” the priest said as he lifted the the last bits of framing away from the trapped solider.

Pappa Doc’s leg ached for a bit but it was his arm that was scratched. A wooried lok came over him as he stood up and began to examine his wound. “ *whew*... I thought that I was a goner for sure” he spoke alound as he pulled wood, metal and other crap out of his arm that was once again bleeding.

“ Is it bad” the Father asked “ No “ He replied. “ Where is david?” he asked just as a voice replied “ On overwatch, Pappa. You guys either need to be quiet or work faster. Those things are beginning to gather down the street in loose formation while making their way back this way.

Pappa began to fall over but the woman caught his fall and slipped under his arm like a thief in the night, propping him up and carrying his unsupported weight. “ Remember what you said the other night to David over the radio?. “ Pappa’s face only returned a quizzical look. “ You told him that everyone INCLUDING the split tail had to pull her own weight” Pappa’s mouth dropped a bit then he began t speak but before words left his mouth. “ Look who's carrying whom now. I'm carrying my own weight PLUS yours...” “ I just” he replied “ Save it for later but you owe me now and remember that soldier. “ Pappa Doc just nodded and hobbled for a few steps. David spoke “ Pappa, if you can’t make it w---” “ Open my rucksack, grab the laptop, open it. “ Pappa Doc ordered. “ You lucas... get on the radio and say this... “ Broken Black Mamba, Over” after breaking “squelch” three time after I let you know they got our position.
David come away from his post and spun Pappa Doc around to retrieve his laptop from his rucksack with a few tugs. “ Opened and its already on.. “

“ Where is Mr. Tucker?...Deyhra, lay me down over here by the window. “ Tucker was close by after Luca pointed the cat’s position.

holding hands for the laptop David passed the computer to Pappa Doc as he pressed a button. “ Now break squelch three times and make the call Luca” Luca used one of the groups radio as David continued to watch outdoors. “ Broken Black mamba, over “


“Last station calling, over... “
“Last station calling, over... “
“Negative contact, Protocol in effect, over”

Pappa Doc sat...

“ Now what? “ Asked Deyhra “ What is our next mo--”
seconds pass

“Was that what I think--” she asked. “ Get away from the windows and cover your head. “ Pappa Doc explained as he slid his back against the wall. David sat and cringed abit as Pappa felt sorry for the noise that caused David unrest.

Dehyra’s hand clutched Pappa’s arm as the first set of Mortar shells hit their targets. Her hand was like a pair of vise grips.

within less than one minute
the shells feel with a explosion that rocked the streets below them.

The shells lasted for four minutes before the train’s rumble could be held as well as its XM134’s bark. The XM134 was a series of mini guns that were placed on a flatbed railcar in front of the engine as part of its weapons platform. the sound of whirring death is very distinct at the rate of 4,000 rounds per minute.

Within minutes several men clad of riot control gear appeared and allowed everyone to extract from the building. Dehyra pushed the men away and made sure that she carried Pappa Doc into the train.

As the train moved over the tracks, quietly and efficiently as a zombie killing machine could, Deyhra set Pappa over one of the many seats and looked out the window. “Hey, wait! What about our stuff!”
“We found some equipment prep to load, ma’am.” Answered one of the many guards. “We loaded it for you, was it your stuff?”
“Did it had a red bag over it?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Then it was our stuff. Thanks.”
“Welcome on board ma’am.” Deyhra laughed as the guard moved away, then turned to look at father Lucas, who was rubbing Tucker’s belly, David was sitting behind pappa doc and looking out the windows.

“Well,” She said softly, sitting on the space beside Pappa doc and turning to David. “What now?”
David turned to look at her, looking as tired as ever. “Up to the Doc now.”
“You are the boss, Doc.”
Pappa turned to Deyhra, and evil smile on his lips; for some reason neither of the newcomers liked the expression. “You are one scary dude, man.” Said Deyhra shaking hear head.


Finally made it!

Let's see what troubles we can get into now...
Sho remember to request your case of rum!!
No rum for you pappa you are in quarantine with me... :P

requested two weeks ago lmao

my names on the top of that list

Remember I know where you sleep Pops.

and Im clear of your office now too. and I'm dealing with the survivor zones like you asked. and! You are the one racing around the country not I.

p.s. Next time you try to insult me Boss man try to remember I am a spook and I can look at your file, maybe find out about some missed alimony payments *chuckles*

Nice job Love it. Cracked me up.

missed alimony payments

I'd like to see a mail man try to deliver the mail during the ZPOC!

Good Luck!

gee where am i gonna find a mail man?

i could send a solider on a super top secret mission to the ex's house. Also when ur out off qaurantine i have some up dates for you. Mostly about thursday.

Did I tell you how pretty you look today?

funny you say that. Today I got some mail (FEDEX) stating that I've been married to a woman for 12 years and that she wants more than half!.


That @#$% isn't getting anything! and why do people think that a two month fling means that we are "common law" by marriage.

good guys finish last. I've been a foster parent (with a different woman ) for more than 7 years helping my community, volunteering time in my area, serving my country, healing those in need and to have some chicken headed ghetto rat looking for more than a little bit of cheese pisses me off.

Funk Dat!

if she wanted money all she had to do was ask..


Gold diggers. Smh.


He was complaining about us... geezz.... I offer therapy for you: a nice dinner, some dancing, and lots of drinky drinks.... Sho, where's the canned fruit? Let's start this party! I mean therapy session for Pappa!

in a super secret place

i hid it real well right next to pops gernades

*L no more "boom-boom"

The base can't handle the TWO of you guys, let alone my lack of typing skills.


Are you kicking us out!? After all the trouble I went to get those cases of rum to the States!?
I can't believe it! But it's alright, I'm not leaving... there's too many undead out there and I'm tired and david needs his meds... Yes we are stuck.

Custom agent

**changes military to customs agent**

"Young lady do you have a declaration slip?. What.... Thats to bad... You need to surrender ALL item to me, Sorry about that"


*fakes heart attack*

classic move! Remember I'm a lawyer and I can have all assets frozen till the case is closed! Pappa don't touch those! those are Sho's rum cases!!

*ninja smoke bomb*

all your case now belong to us (Deyhra and Sho).

Quote from Cee lo green

"I really hate your asses!"

Blah Blah Blah

If we weren't around your life would have a huge void. Yes you probably would have less stress, but there would be a void none the less.

I welcome the void!

and those cases of RUM that you stole from me, stealing from YOU guys!,...grrrrrrr!

I'd like to see you try.

You'll never guess where my secret base is. NEVER!!!


The War Room? Either that, or Mexico.

where have you been?

where have you been?

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Yeah... been a bit busy.

Wrong. <.< >.>

*gotta change the location now*


Told you Mexico wasn't a good idea! I'll help you.