Pappa's Bottle

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Pappa's Bottle

Pappa Doc' bottle

DON'T Touch!!



*attempts to come close* gun barrel to face...* ok easy now... just kidding... I've got a few cases back there...


I can't get soft around a pretty face so you will need to surrender all items to me... NOW!"

*snickering again!*

don't. you. dare.

the lock needs a special number only I know... i won't tell either!

Don't make Mr. Paddle come out!

Don't make Mr. Paddle come out!

except for one case.

Which is located next to the grenades and fruit.

How old is it

I want some?


The sign says "Don't Touch!"



Storms off kicking up dust.


obviously you havent looked around your new toy hard enough andy or else you would have realized there was a bottle for you and some candy that i was saving for stacey.

Just found them, thanks

One question? When do we go to war?


Slow down there bud! We're still gathering intel and forming alliances. You will be the first too know though.

Ya I know.

Just love my new toy. Thanks again