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The group including Pappa Doc was placed into the isolation railcar. “ 24 hours with you guys... it will pass quickly. “ he informed them, Looking around the car the guest has access to most amenities. need some ideas to complain about

Deyrha looked around the cart, and suddenly turned to Doc; “This place is too small.”
“Who are you the little bear?”
“I haven’t tried the chairs but i’m betting it’s too hard.”
“Deyhra please,” Said David annoyed.
“What? I can’t hide the truth with a finger.”
“Children, please! We should all thank the good Lord we are safe and sound.” Luca remarked.
“Unlike Pappa who has a bad leg...”
“Deyhra!” Scolded Luca.
“Sorry.” Said the woman, looking down at her hands.
“Deyhra,... you could always just go back and walk across the bridge if you don’t like the view, ok?. “ Smiled Pappa Doc. “ What were those things?... I’ve never seen them before have you guys?” he asked.

Pappa drops his gear and walks to the other side of the railcar then with his back turned to Deyhra tells Deyhra “Thanks”
“For what?”
Looking up at the ceiling saying with a sigh “ For helping out when I was K.O.ed in the building. that's what for. “ his foot shifts abit then he changes the subject and talks to the others, ignoring her as if she didn’t exist.

“ how was the trip across the ocean, uneventful I hope. I’m glad that you all made it safely here. “ He tells them.

“It was a cranky trip, we got on each other’s nerves just for kicks and then couldn't let it go.” Answered Dyehra quickly, proceeding to slap her mouth shut.

“you mean like now.. like the way that your getting on mine?” pappa doc asks.
“She’s famous for that.” Answered David, still annoyed and turning to a smiling priest.

“You two! Now I’ve been scolded since the moment I got off that damn yacht I am not listening to this any more!” She turns to leave.

“Where are you going?” David asked
“Bathroom!” And slams the door shut.
“Well, she could never loose her case.” The two men turn to the Priest.
“Lawyer’s humor.”
“You a lawyer?”
“I’m an advocate of God.” Dave just shook his head while Pappa stared at the man clad in black with some annoyance. “How come you three survived that trip?”
“Rum. Lots of rum.” said the priest.
“ Amen to that” replied Pappa Doc

An hour later:
Pappa knocks on the door to the ladies bathroom where Deyhra disappeared claiming she needed to take a shower. A vague response was heard.

“Your going to find a gown to put on then open the door to your right and wait for me, please.”

“Fine, as long as it’s not spandex.”

“It’s not, I think it’s cotton.” And chuckling evilly he walked away.
A hand slid out of the door, grasped the item and pulled it into the bathroom. A scream was heard and all the men turned to the bathroom door.

“I refuse to wear this!”
“Deyhra you are just being silly.” David interjected.
“No I’m not;” She said appearing from the inside of the bathroom, hair wet and looking offended. “I’m defending my dignity here. My rights as a human being are been violated and I have a voice to raise and defend them.” She was about to continue; but the Priest interrupted.
“You raise your voice even when we don’t care to hear you.”
“You weren’t invited so be quiet.” snap the venom voiced vixen.
“Being trapped in the same cart with you gives me the right.”
“Shut it, Priest, or else.”
“Oh, I’m so scared.” Said Lucas moving away from them and into the bathroom where he disappeared.
“Enough, now get into that Darn Gown.”
“This darn nightie doesn’t close in the back!” she yells
“ It not suppose to...” Coldly explained Pappa
“ This is an outrage! I demand to talk to the supervisor.”
“Honey, I’m the supervisor and I am handing you the darn nightie as you put it.” He pushed the strap of clothing into her hands, only to have them shoved back towards him.
“And I’m refusing to wear it! You must make accommodations for me!”
Pappa Doc smiled, evilly. “This is a Mobile military installation, kido, either you wear it or walk around naked if front of everyone here, understand that?! .”

**Faking a heart attack**
Deyhra fell against the train’s seat
**hand to her heart and paling.**

“First you burn my clothing, then take my weapons…Now you want me to wear this… paper thing that does not close on the back?!”

Lucas took that moment to come out of the bathroom, wearing his hospital gown and not caring his bare ass could be seen. He walked over to Pappa Doc, passing by Deyrha’s side, and handed the doctor the red bag where his clothes were while Deyhra yelped and turned away from the Priest’s exposed back.

“There is no respect for women here!” and she snatched the nightie from Pappa’s hand and walked into the bathroom slamming the door.
“Nice job ruffling her.” Said David chuckling.
“Your old lady asked for it.”
“I did not!” She cried from the bathroom.
“ I’m not talking to you so stop ear hustling you damn split tail!” Barked Pappa at the closed door. “ I’m glad that she is your property cause I’ll have to drop her off someplace, then leave quickly!”. Pappa Doc shakes his head a bit and mumbles to himself then approaches the closed door to speak

Finally she emerged from the bathroom, she threw the red bag of clothing towards Pappa Doc and watched the men smile. “Go on, laugh, I will have my revenge.” And she turned, walking to the area designated as hers. She’s tied the ends of the nightie and, unlike the Priest, nothing could be seen.
“How in hell did you manage that!?” Asked David and Pappa Doc at the same time.

Tucker jumped over Deyhra’s bed, and snuggled close to her. “Dental floss! Night!” And the lights around the bed turned off.

“That’s it I’m ordering no floss in this train.” Murmured Pappa Doc as David just shook his head and turned away. “Gentlemen, I’m going to do the physicals now if that is alright with you guys.”

“As long as there’s not prostate exam.” Murmured David, as the Priest let his head fall in defeat. “Oh its not called a prostate exam anymore... its called a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) and yes its need gentlemen. “

“Phsycological exams are included?” Asked David looking a bit uncomfortable in his own gown. Deyhra reached behind her, resigning herself to hold the gown closed with her own hands.
“If we were in base, yes, but since we are traveling we’ll save it for later. I will give you a small journal to make some notes and let us study the psychological process of recovery from this catastrophe.” Explained Pappa

“I will need some more paper, I have some sermons I would like to write.” The other three turned to the priest who was unmoved by their confusion.
“I’m sure we can find you a laptop for those.” Pappa doc snaps the gloves on making Deyhra jump back. “So who’s first?”
Both David and Priest take a step back and leave Deyhra standing alone; “So much for team building exercises, cowards!”
“Hey, you need the exams.” Said the priest, pointing at his head and making Deyhra narrow her eyes at him.
“Not another word.”
“Let’s go then!” Said Pappa Doc pulling her to the exam room, her hands failing to keep her paper gown closed.

** inside the female exam room**

Pappa looks a bit more cleaner now and is wearing a white lab coat.

Deyhra, We got off on the wrong foot here and I just want you to know that I’ll respect you in the morning, ok?. Smirked Pappa.

“ I need to do the physical exam but I don’t have another female rider with me. At any point that you wish to stop the exam, please inform me and I will stop. The penalty is simple... failure is not a option. Now I’ve been a Doctor for over 22 year and I have seen many women and of all ages so lets make this quick and simple, Do you have any questions for me BEFORE I begin?
“Do I have to?” Asked Deyhra, looking a little less confident with a new unclosed paper gown.
“Yes, you do. Anything else?”
** minutes later **
“Your hands are cold!”
“no they are not I just warmed them for you as well as the plastic speculum.”
“Oh sure, like you did for Ms. Sho? What’s with the...a h! What is that!?”
“I have concluded that ignoring you for the rest of the exam would be the
BEST idea that I have had all year and sister that is a long time.”
“I’m just glad I got in first; i would have gotten nervous listening to the others … OW! What the...?”
“Sorry, but if I had told you... it would have hurt me more.”
“you owe me dinner.”
“I thought that this was YOUR idea of foreplay.”
“Don’t act so surprised; you invaded my personal space without my consent.”
“You have got to be examined...besides you are acting WORST than my last patient!”
“Eh! SHH shh, You are not helping your case.”
“ You little --”
“ Remember Doctor that I’m just a cheap date... this is going to cost you. “

And he goes on with business as usual. With the only comment during the exam went like this “This will not hurt me a bit”
“Grrrrrr” She replied. “ That is it... you owe me a another dinner and this time it better be steak and lobster!. “

**time passes*
For the occupants in the “Quarantine area” their time nearly complete. But during the night Pappa Doc spends that night up late with the Priest Luca talking over a glass of brandy and listening to the radio waves in the glass observation car.

“ I wanted to thank you again for help us and David especially for the medicine. “ Luca tells Pappa Doc.

“ It was the least I could do for them both.”
“ So where to now fearless leader?” Luca smirked


From Luca

Do I really sound so... boring? Dear Lord, I better do something about my somber character.
Deyhra: Get drunk!
*luca turns to her... annoyed*Deyhra smiles and walks away*

It's ok Deyhra!!!

When you get here we will get drunk and pretend we never got Pop's gyno exam from hell. (Joking Pop's Joking!!)

evil woman

Father Luca,

Fear not... it was the devil that made her do it!


I get support!
And thanks for reminding me Sho, Pappa owes me dinner for a month thanks to that exam... *shudders with memory*
Will be arriving very soon!
BTW; Pappa is you have a mission for me and the guys i'm ready... as well as Tucker who is aching for a fight.

check out denver bound

check out Denver bound


Pop's has a mission for you or I do?

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