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WE are back up and working!


It's good to see everyone coming back

Jaffa 323 and myself have been editing "wiki pages" if you wish to add something create a user id and type away!

I have a skeletal system of my thoughts, ideas and weird ass timeline. Looking for people to "tear" into it and find lots of mistakes. BEFORE you edit the time line I'll add a page... everyone has input then it will be added or changed.

Thanks in advance,
Pappa Doc

*raises hand*

I can tear it down... just send the bit and let me dealwith it... hopefull i'll have it up soon


mistake numero uno

Nothing personal.. but

I hate you guys!. EVERY frickin time the two of you are on, when I'm on. You guys let me have it and have it good.

*Raises the white flag**

I'm not stupid.. I admit defeat!


That was a celebratory grenade toss.

thank god!

i was starting to feel lonely


Such a relief.

good to seeing you again

good to seeing you again. So you voice acting?


Got a little caught up. Have some time now, though, so I should be able to do some more posting.


I've been transferring everything that I could by cutting and pasting to the wiki... care to clean up and I plan on working on the "Mambo" site as a back up if we have a server failure again


I'll fix up the new pages, and get them looking all professional-like.

awesome! and thanks