FRAGO & WARNING ORDER issued to all PSA units

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Some people do some stupid thing because.... well because they don’t know better than to mess with others that don’t play as nicely as thought that they would.

After a coded burst message came to pappa’s group just hours after his groups first attack.

“ Jesus, Chief... you’re not going to like this one” number 3 the radio operator explained to Pappa.

“ What’s going on? “

“ Trouble back at bartertown, chief. Andy’s up to staging an attack. We got C1 information“

“ What have the others done?”

“ All assest have gone to defcon2, chief. “

“ Bradford’s section?... “

“ LRSD have conformed troop movement and are in overwatch. “

“ Get me Blackhorse 6 on a secured line”


Hours pass

Never seen before... Death’s Valley very own Stryker Brigade Combat Team descends apoun the old ISB called “Iron horse”. Within less than one hour all civilians were removed forceably and without warning, placed upon one of 6 different trains bound for the east coast.

The inhabitants questioned “Why are you doing this?” The answer was simple “An attack from the CSA’s hitman, a man that you all know... called “Andy”. He is coming for a fight and doesn’t care for you civillians, so due to his error. We can not in good faith protect you. So you are being transfer to the Nation Guard on the East coast. All Men between the ages of 12-60 will be
enlist into one of the state guards of the goverment’s choosing. We are sorry to see you go but due to someone else’s mistake you will have to pay for it. Blame not us but the CSA’s hitman Andy. “

The inhabitants were incensed and blamed the CSA from their current demise and agreed to enlist to fight the C.S.A.

this day over 12, 000 able bodied men enlisted in the National Guard to assist with the hopeful defeat of the CSA.
Now with all know civilians out of the mix it will be very much easier in silencing Andy’s group permanently. Defences have been in place for month’s and this will be California’s first major victory and yet another loss for the CSA. With no Air assets that are capable of negotiation the
redeye alley or even finding a current camouflaged area. If the CSA thought it was going to easy they once again would be wasting time, man power and equipment.

Now with this new group heading to the east coast. is made it almost too easy to identify, observe and track the enemy’s movement. PSA’s informants counted, identified what pieces left and watched as they stuggled to clear the way for their equipment.

The CSA couldn’t get 7 states away without the PSA know their every move.

Now with all of this equipment away from the bases it would be more easier than taking the candy away for a child.

Pappa would now be in his element...

Hit & run, harassment and areas of denial

When the CSA equipment stated to leave its bases, this was the opportunity that Pappa Doc was waiting for. Someone to cripple the CSA from within by doing something foolish, brash or just plain stupid.

Various Special forces elements began to work their magic by stopping their troop column movement formations. It didn’t matter how this CSA enemy would travel before the enemy assest left their base (About 500 miles) before the harrassment began. troops had to travel uncovered to see the undead, but that was what S.F. units waited for. Hunter killer teams deployed along the routes and laid in waiting.

Day 01 - 114 dead by sniping, tracked vehicles stopped - 57

it was more than HALF of any military bases assests and they were no where near the PSA line that were more than 4, 000 miles away.

Area of denieal was the easiest after their assest left the CSA bases unguarded. Special Forces units that have been waiting in the field for month for an opportunity like this to capture eight major stronghold in the first day.

Now the CSA was kicked out of GA, AL all in one day.

Fla, NC, SC, TN and DE eastward now only held the remaining CSA troops.