Fly the friendly PSA skies

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By the end of the next two months the CSA was hurting.

CSA - ID, WY (Isolated)
CSA- KY,TN &SC (Isolated)
CSA-FLA (Isolated)

Nat Gov - NY, CT. RI, MS, MA, NH, PA, MD, DC, AK, IL, IN, NC, OH, NJ, Ak and maine even

all the rest were in PSA's control as well as all the WMD thanks to the N.E.S.T. and NRO's Satillites that have been tracking all CBNR assest from the begining. Everything was accounted for and triple checked by the 55D ADM Engineers.

The only people that are qualifite to handle nukes.

" Message to net - All Arrows accounted for, out. "

The PSA as well as the world could sleep for another day safely under the NRO's eye in the sky.

The big pushwasn't to hard given that Most CSA cowards would exit their fortifications as the PSA would lure armys of undead to their doorstep. All CSA air assest were easily overcomed by trained 16S gunners long before the aircraft would even know what hit them.

Line backers Humvees, Linebacker IFV and the common foot soldier took these pesky air assest out with ease in less than two months.

Many questioned How... How did they do it. Simple. As the CSA forces mustered against the PSA they travelled in column while the PSA rode rails and used Air mobile tactics so they wouldn't lose many assests. For months S.F. units like the 11th have been marking POL areas and overwatching facilites that would assis t with the compromise of any military faction.

Within two months of the CSA push to the PSA... it was over. JSOC, SF, RANGER, TACP, DELTA, Force Recon, Seal, IBU, SBS, Combat controllers, PJ and many other units combined to assit the 11B. The average grunt...

The avg grunt was the one that rode the rail in one of 72 trains that have been part of the COG assest group to redepoly with the help of rag tag unit that have to contacted by LRSD units 9 months prior.

No one exspected things to go so smoothy but all that it took was the CSA to strech out their line to attack the PSA on the other side of the states with no supply chian. It was easier than take candy from a baby with minmal loses to PSA, NAT Guard units that held "weapons tight" during the push, waitin to see which side would enable them the upper hand.

Now the powers that be would come to an understanding and talks of compromise and amnesity wzould be issued if the PSA would cut a deal with NAT gov.

This and many other issues be examined.

The united states still had a no fly zone over both PSA and Nat Guard areas.. now with what little the CSA had to it would a bad move to lift anything about 28ft as PSA's AWACs now controlled more than 87% of the USA air space with 24/7/ 365 CAP of Strike craft. Just like in Beruit, Somalia, Bosnia, Lybia and other countries. PSA now controlled just about everything.

This being the case the NAT gov began talks to rebuilting and power consolidations with the PSA.