Winter wonder land

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Confed force had their asses handed to them and their command to thier troops that everything was fine, but it wasn’t. Command & control was quickly breaking down for the yellow side as the PSA termed the Confeds.

A mesage was sent to Deyhra that now was the time and that Pappa Doc had hoped that she would be ready for the next step. Deyhra was going to appointed as a counselor in a military trial.

On that fateful day “Andy” was accused of war crimes against the PSA & the Feds were also looking to capture him alive... if possible. The bounty was 750,000 dollars or 1,000,000.00 is the newly printed Confed (Funny money) as both side called it.

Yes it was another five months and the PSA took the time to hold the Confed in place without shooting a single round that they had stolen from their own confed bases. Just like Sherman’s march to the sea. It was now Pappa Doc, PSA, National guard, local militia forces that surrounded the CSA forces and denied them everything but food, water and time.

No resupply... even within the states thigns were bad and now that Andy’s forces stalled he had placed his troops into a harsh winter. Poorly equiped troops, limited mechanized vehicles, air assest were shot down as a human does a fly with the network of E-2 mini awacs that flew 1,000 plus miles away painting air threat targets that would surface to try to fly.

Confed troops were know for their abuse of minorites and now things got serious...
Blacks, hispanics, asains and native americans had suffered under the yoke of the confeds.
Now it was time to hear their voices in court.

As the season changed the winter can to bite the confeds hard. Once again they were poorly equipped, poorly trained but they did have something going for them... Spirit. They believed in Andy and hench they followed him.

The noose was already in place but the first slip were the defectors that surrendered to cross the cold iron lines that both PSA and Federal forces places around these states. It would only be a matter of time before ammo, food and morale gave way the defector told their interrogators and they recieved hot food, hot coffe and other niceities that these hard core troops hadn’t seen for more than a year. Toliet paper was the confed troops first request besides warm clothing that wasn’t in tattered rag like the one that they were wearing. Yes the harsh winter was just starting and the confeds were beginning to defect as more than 100 men per day. Mostly at night while their commanders would sleep in nice, safe, secure areas as the regular confed trooper would have to relied on his battle buddy.

They say it takes one whole acre to feed just one person.... so where would andy find his food with all of this snow on the ground? He had to feed his troops but the locals of the state had picked clean all the areas long ago. Andy’s troops had no choice but to bed, eat and take what they deemed need to the CSA. This was the major reason that confeds would go on patrol and never return after turning themselves in for warm clothing, hot food and protection for the dead that followed them as many Confed unit had already run out of ammunition. The confeds could even heat up what was left of their armored vehicles because fuel was scarce, the average tempature was nearly in the 40s and that meant that the metal of the vehicles inside would be 15-20 degrees colder than the outside. It was common for the water to freeze in the lines and filters would break rendering the armoured vehicles unserviceable during this harsh winter.

Confed troops would leave funny money (Confed dollars) but the locals didn’t want it. They wanted the regular dollars that was used by NAT forces and PSA units.

And that was when the Confed troops got nasty with the locals.... hence the war crimes that were placed on Andy’s head. Defectors feed more lies... but what was the truth?.

With 4 feet of snow on the ground what was Andy going to do now?. Was he going to stave his own people?