Are you there?

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I don’t know how you accessed this page, but if you’re reading this, you are one of us– you survived. This page is not a remnant from the world we used to know. It's not a lifeless reflection of a world that hasn’t existed in months. It is a current site, built over the last several weeks and updated daily, and it’s sole purpose is to record the name, location and current status of each and every survivor we can find.
The disease is known by many different names: The Final Stage, Malaysian Rabies, the Zombie Parasite, the FS Virus – but no matter what it’s called, this disease that so recently tore our world apart around us will not be the end of us.
We'll survive this as we've survived so many other holocausts throughout history, but in the face of the greatest enemy we have ever known, it will take – as so many of us have discovered – a new way of thinking, a new way of living with one another and for one another. That’s why we built this site and why we need you to register right away. Tell us where you are and what kind of help you might need. Put up as much information as you can: pictures, videos or audio clips if you have them and we’ll get through this together.



Im here to help. I have a hard time trying to find someone too and now I have. Thank god I have a big cut on my arm. what should I do?
Fight the dead, Fight the living, Fight yourself -Cici Chan

Come next spring...

I need to hole up here as winter is closing in. And I really want to see if I can round up someone. Come spring, I'm thinking Yellow Stone. Your on the east coast, I'm west... it's central, wildlife, room for crops, water, isolated enough...

Just stay positive... watch that wound real close. Fishin string works in a pinch...

Glad that your alive

Sorry to hear that you have a wound but more importantly... your a survivor

Pappa Doc


Somehow this has changed my outlook on things. knowing there are other people in my situation, just wanting to get in contact with me hope.


Welcome! glad that you founds this site.

So what's happening with you.
Where are you?
are you hurt?
Are you in a safe place for now?

Please let us know,
Pappa Doc

Thank God!

I was beginning to think our group were the only ones left.its good to know there are other warm bodies out there.

you're not alone

but things are still tough out there.
stay safe.

Yes we are!

Yes we are!

And thanks to you we are surviving, learning from each other, communicating and talking through this blog. Thanks again for saving our bacon.

I have started to list people that are "active" posters in their blogs and it seems to be working, people are talking, trading ideas, tactics, food, ammo and even weapons in some cases. But still a few are stuck and just need to hear some encouraging words from a strange so that they don't become a walker, runner or any form of undead.

check out the link ( I don't see dead people ) below

I don't see dead people

Oh yeah, and I'd like a gun.

Alive and holed up with nowhere to go.

Sleeping off a hangover and a few days of drug fueled isolation with my internet disconnected in a feeble attempt to put a dent in the growing pillar of work that needed to be done meant that I managed to luckily miss the initial wave of hysteria. A lucky trip to BJ's just before the outbreak and a sudden drop in the amount of household members meant that I had food for quite a few weeks. A third floor apartment meant that I was secure from any unwelcome intruders, if only because my door can be barricaded just before the staircase with sheer mass. On that note, I miss my sofa.

Since then, a half mile trek to the closest shopping center was surprisingly uneventful considering how slow these things are and the wide, open arterial road right next to me. GNC does its best to provide with tasteless nutrients in powder form, though I'm likely slowly overdosing on at least a few vitamins to ensure getting enough of the others. I don't suppose my situation will change much, but there's nothing else to do and I haven't seen any signs of life. Well, not any sort of life my starved mirror neurons care for.

There's an above ground train track a few minutes away from me with a poorly sealed off fence. I'd venture a guess that the train tracks would be an excellent mode of transportation, with the shambling buggers not agile enough to avoid the holes, along with the high visibility it offers. Unfortunately, with nowhere to go, there is no reason to venture beyond the areas I know and survive in.

I miss music.