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Guys, I've been expending my time, believe ir or not, researching about this event, and playing stupid zombies videogames and reading zombie comics. Why to waste my time like that? Because playing videogames will only make me feel like it's not real when I come out. I know, doesn't sound too credible, but it's just because I'm saying it plain simple.

Still, my research has come up with a lot of material. Seems like gobernments have some way censored mostly all webs discussing the topic of the catastrophe, and still do. That tells me two things:
1) There is somewhere a little rest of people who can actually censore the webs so people over the world can't communicate. WHY?! Obviously they are hiding something IwishIweredead. But what could it be? I don't think it's because of the people, after all they are just giving each other survival tips. Imissmyfamily So my conclusion is that they are afraid of someone knowing something bad... May be the origin of the virus that caused this, or the exact location of safe bunkers, where the politics are... Who knows?
3) This web is likely to be putted down anytime now...

Besides that, there's this:

Real or hoax? I think it's completely fake, but I'm going to listen to it anyway. May be a good distraction.

I'm going to gooutsideandletmyselfbeeatenalive sleep now. Sun is allready up in the sky, and I haven't slept anything tonight. Thanks for the support.

P.S.: I still have a lot of info archivated. I'm going to release it some of these days, probably this same weekend. Don't ask for it, I'm not going to give it away untill I'm ready.



looks interesting

looks interesting but I'm a G+ user. I don't use "Fail" book

Was it an OOC comment?

Sorry, but I truly don't get what you mean...