Hunter Army Airfield Savannah Georgia

officer Anderson's picture

Left Peterson air basr greenland a few days ago an set down at Hunter Airfield Georgia yesterday.
The base is deserted except for some old friends, The dead.
Made radio contact with a group from the 2nd South carolina. They have been staying out of the way an trying to reuild their lives the best they can. The word is that there is 3 small towns within 30 miles of the Airfield. Sam an I taxied our c130 into a hanger an got a hummer running an will make our way to a near by town called New Georgia where some of my old friends are waiting. More later when we get there. I do miss Iron Horse an the rest of you back north.
Maybe some day I'll return. Gods speed to you all.


To those concerned.

No problems will arise. I don't know maybe I'll start a new life with Samantha, or maybe I'll just load up a hummer an hit the road an see whats left of this country thats now ruled by the dead an then was torn apart by us.
I'm sorry, I should have seen it comeing but I just let it blind me from reality. Now all has just about been lost an all have been scattered to the four winds.
All I can do is try to stay out of the way an help where I can.

Officer Charley Anderson.