i found them

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my wife and daughter are gone.I have been in shock for a long time.Decided to make my way back to Topeka.on the way back I encountered really bad thunderstorms hail and high winds.stayed in a small town called harveyville KS around 2 am my first night there the town was destroyed by a tornado. I lost my vehicle and supplies. I suffered a dislocated shoulder and bad cuts and bruises from flying debris and glass.I made it to a veterinary building in a neighboring town I set my shoulder and stitched my cuts then filled my guts with kibble...I don't know where I am exactly but I think I'm about 30 miles away from Topeka. I really fucking hope I'm wrong and I'm a lot closer.if I make it home I'll go into more detail about the situation I'm in....oh yeah one good stroke of luck...found an unopened pack of smokes.


Sorry to hear that.

I hope everything goes better for you. If you need anything let me know and I'll see if my scavenging group is in the area and we can do trade you somethings.