I hate Ohio....

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... 11weeks... I've been gone ELEVEN FRIGGIN WEEKS!!.... *Sigh*


Try 13 weeks!

Why are you so angry? Just come over to my charming little.... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEENNNN!!!????
Just come over to the safe house I set up and stop complaining....
Have you the rum?

They stole the rum Q.Q.

the damn raiders they got it.


Started a new job that works me to the bone. On a side note I got bitch slapped by a cat today.

That's.... not so new

Although Mr. Tucker (eyes fat black cat by bed) has not bitch slap me per se... I do understand the feeling.
What I wonder is what you did to make the cat angry, or if it was just out of the blue...
*snorts starts laughing loudly*
Good to have you back!


Ya my Dog slapped me and I eneded up with 12 stiches on my right arm. But I still love her awsome Dog.

What going one ?

How you been have not heard from you for awhile .