Eleven weeks of craziness.

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A few miles into Ohio, after passing a few dozen graffiti signs depicting more and more violent messages, ranging from 'Dark Ranger territory' to several hung men hanging from a over pass.

So guess who got caught trying to siphon gas in 'Dark Ranger Poop Face territory.' This girl! Guess who got the shit kicked out of her, her jeep ransacked, five missing teeth, and a nice old shiner. This girl!

Eleven lovely weeks of being held captive by a bunch of neanderthals. *sigh*

About a three weeks ago, I got a break, the door didn't close all the way and I was able to stuff a wad of cloth in the hole to keep it from locking. As night fell, I escaped, almost got caught twice, but made it out safe, thankfully.

I spent a week hiding from them and a week watching them as well as gathering supplies for my big 'Surprise.'

So, about two nights ago I waited until dark, when the bulk of the camp was nice and drunk to start setting up some false discharges, at 1:00 am on the dot, I set of the charges and smoke started to billow through the camp, as the guards started to run around trying to find out what was happening. I hurled about ten maltovs around the camp hitting some tent's and some cars. Nice little surprise for these guys.

I hit the road as soon as the fires started.

So I'm on my way Deyhra.