New Georgia pt3

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New Georgia pt3

‘ meeting the principle “

Sam and I stood in the office looking at a desk shrouded in darkness. The room was lit by two lanterns shining on us but not the person talking to us.
A voice came from behind the desk. “ Ah the infamous Charlie Anderson !”
Sam glanced at me then back to the voice in the dark.
The voice was that of a young girl maybe 20 or even younger who knows.
“ What are you here for ?”

I looked into the dark , “ Just looking for a place to catch our breath and resupply. “

“ Very well what do you have to pay for this gesture ?”
I glanced over to sam as she unzipped her flight jacket and pulled out a black velvet bag and handed it to me . I opened it and poured a small amount of diamonds onto the desk. A loud squeak came from the old chair and we watched as a small hand grabbed the bag and diamonds.

“ Do I want to know where you got these from ?”

I smiled and simply said “No No I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you .”
The chair Squeaked again and then a young girl in a worn letterman’s jacket appeared from the dark, she stood looking at us her dark long hair was tied up and a 9mm handgun swung under her shoulder.
She just stood there watching us for the longest time stirring the diamonds back and forth in the palms of her hands. Sam and I were becoming nervous standing and waiting for a answer. Finally she took two steps towards me and looked up “ Very well 2 days rest. I will also see that you have fuel, ammo, food and water. Then I want you both gone from New Georgia . Understood ?”

A smile came across our faces. “Sounds good.”
We turned and started to walk out when she spoke “ Oh and Andy when was the last time you spoke to your former allies ?”

I turned standing in the door “I haven’t seen or spoke to any of them since the trial and escape.”

She just laughed “Andy Andy Andy be honest with me please or I may just decide that you and your friend are not worth helping, so please be honest with me okay !”

“All right Doc sent me Sam and some mercs on a mission overseas which turned out to be a total disaster OKAY!, Just before we left was the last time I saw any of them .”

“Any ways we are not on close terms anymore. As it goes I figure they think we are dead and gone. And if its okay with you we would like it to stay that way till we see what’s left out there .”

She just grinned at me “ Fine, I’d like this oasis to stay just that an oasi in a dark world and not become an armed camp of the PSA or Confeds okay ?”
“Confeds are all gone ? “

“Really? not all of them are gone , . please enjoy New Georgia .”
Sam and I were escorted out of the school and into the street and told to go to Souls Palace and they will see to a room for us . Little did we know that we were about to run into some old friends .