Not dead yet guys!

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Davidson here! I'm sorry about my long absence but my laptop broke down, nothing dramatic like an fire, an shootout or anything like that it's fan just broke down and the resulting overheat melted a couple of things. At least, that's what it smelled like i am not an expert when it comes to technology so yeah..

Anyway afterwards i was busy for a while, the raiders i talked about in one of my earlier posts decided to make their move and i spent a couple of weeks teaching them some good ol' viking justice and why they shouldn't fuck with anyone or anything that is under my protection. It took some time but after i had ruined their vechicles, set the old barn they were holed up in on fire and generally made their lives a living hell they eventually gave up and moved on. Sure I know that doesn't seem like something a cop should do but, well, it's not like i could put them in jail or anything with all the things that are going on, right?

So anyway, after all that i kind of forgot about this page for a while and it wasn't until i meet this merchant from Uppsala and he offered me an laptop that i remembered this page. So, here i am! I may regret later on spending four cans of food on this thing but right now i am pretty happy!

Now let's just hope this damn thing doesn't break down on me...



Glad you are still here bud

watch your back and stay alive. I found a small settlement called New Georgia strange place but a place to catch my breath and I also ran into some old friends here.

Glad to hear you are okay as well.

I hope you found your family safe and sound, and if you didn't then... Well... I am sorry.

Yay for guerilla warfare.

Glad to see your alive and kicking Mr. Davidson.