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Why hello there everyone! Its me, Ms. Sho, you've probably been wondering where I've been. That's a funny story. You see I don't know where I am. I got found by some of the raiders again. I guess they were planning on selling me. Any way, long story short I'm free now. They've been rundown by a herd. On a side note, I've got no weapons, almost no food, a quart of water, and I'm the middle of the FUCKING WOODS. Help would be nice. :) or not. Either way I'm gonna start to fashion my own weapons, a spear or something. Let you all know how its going soon enough.


Glad to hear your alive young lady.

Well this grey haird old baster is still kicking as you see. I've seen hdeat and visited Hell and survied . Just can't keep an old soldier down. Have you hear from POP's lately ?

no, unfortunately

Last person I heard from was Deyhra, on my way out to get her and I got... side tracked....

Okay just watch your back .

I and my co pilot Sam are in a small settlement called New Georgia catching our breath and resupplying. Look I know things went real bad there at the end for all of us But if you ever need anything let me know.
From an old Friend .

ok thanks.

I think I'm gonna just get my bearings for a while then see if I can find D.